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Is Ad Dynamo a Scam?

This question has been pondering over the internet since Ad Dynamo, the South African pay per click program, started out in 2009. I can say to you I have had a fairly controversial experience with them and have heard and seen the stories of other advertiser’s experience with Ad Dynamo. It is important to know when monetizing a website whatever method of monetisation you use, make sure it is a secure consistent way of making money. You want to be the one in control. However, for Ad Dynamo, it seems they have too much control over publishers. Are they a scam? In some ways yes. Ad Dynamo scams publishers. This is my story with them.

When I first started using Ad Dynamo, back in November 2010, I created a review for them which was generally positive. The only negative I had said was the fact they are fairly new to the PPC market and have fierce competitors such as Adsense. You can see the article here:

As well as that, I generally thought Ad Dynamo was good from the way they had paid me my first earnings. Although small, it was still £20.71!
My first worries were when I started getting comments on many of my Ad Dynamo articles suggesting they scam advertisers. Here are a few of the comments:
  • ” Do NOT go to Ad dynamo i have over a Million impressions and i made $1,700 and they removed $900 from my account and said that it was Invalid Clicks for reason, they make the money from you clicking and don’t pay out. “
  • ” Now they took another $400 off my account and suspended me! like i said do not Deal with Ad dynamo and if you look around on reviews i am not the only person having this same problem! “
  • “Hello its me again! here is a link please go to it and look at the post with screen shot of -$375 i believe it is, and you will see that they kept taking money from me! i wanted to show proof because you can upload photo http://forums.digitalpoint.com/showthread.php?t=2233713 “
  • ” I do use Ad Dynamo on other blogs and it is pretty appalling but I do see there being more and more advertisers every week. “
  • “I would use them if they had more advertisers, I say in a year’s time maybe, but at the moment, becoming a publisher on ad Dynamo is pointless”

I want to point out specifically these are the comments of others and not me. So, with one of the comments having a link to a forum on if Ad Dynamo is a scam, let’s take a look at the advertiser’s proof:

Ad Dynamo’s Invalid Clicks

The account is actually in minus from the amount of clicks Ad Dynamo claims to be invalid! How is that possible to actually owe a pay per click program money for invalid clicks?

From this, I have two possible views on Ad Dynamo:
  • Yes, they are a scam. Ad Dynamo have too much control over publishers. They have the power to just grant anyone’s account invalid clicks which would make Ad Dynamo more money. The money advertisers are paying for clicks are going to Ad Dynamo directly and not their publishers.
  • No, they are not a scam. Ad Dynamo is barely 2 years old. Therefore, they may be still trying to use ways to identify invalid clicks and at the moment, they are getting the formula for invalid clicks wrong. As well as that, they are an actual business with many high branded advertisers using them such as Microsoft, Tottenham Hotspurs Football Club and more.

As well as the above, I have my suspicions that Ad Dynamo know about Ask Will Online from the other comments on my blog where people (or Ad Dynamo employees and PR consultants for Ad Dynamo) have commented on my articles to do with Ad Dynamo where I have given them a bad reputation:

  • ” Ad Dynamo! Rock this month November i made 194USD in 26 days……….. That are enough for me on starting point……… “
  • ” I use Ad dynamo on my 80s website and the first days I received a lot of impressions but no clicks. I thought, oh no, here we go again but now, 2 months later, the CTR is going to the roof. 25 bucks per day. More then I made with adsense in 2 yrs. ” 

However, that is just my opinion. Here are all my articles on Ad Dynamo:

Hope this has proved useful who are thinking about using Ad Dynamo on their website! I would also like for anyone who has used Ad Dynamo to give their opinion too by commenting below. The more comments, the more it will help others.



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