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Hi! I’m Will and I created a passive 5 figure passive income, within 5 years, through SEO and an effective blogging strategy. I share my incites exclusively on Ask Will Online.
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Why I Don’t Like Banner Advertising

Like many bloggers, I face the dilemma what the best method is to monetizing a website. Is it pay per click and Google Adsense? Is it in-text advertising and Infolinks? Is it banner advertising and BuySellAds? For different bloggers and websites, the results will differ. For me, I have realised that banner advertising is not all what it lives up to. Here is why I don’t like banner advertising, BuySellAds and general pay per month fixed advertising.

Firstly, let me tell you that when I first joined BuySellAds, I was quite excited. I had opened Ask Will Online up to thousands of potential advertisers and, sure enough, advertisers started advertising on my site.

Why Don’t YOU like banner advertising then Will?

Well, I have a few reasons that having been boiling up over the past months. Other than banner advertising, I use Google Adsense to make myself money which does a good enough job for me. BuySellAds and banner advertising was a little sum I was making on top of Adsense. Due to the fact I had and still use Adsense on my website, it made me compare the two forms of advertising which makes my reasons for disliking banner advertising link to pay per click advertising.

Banner Advertising is Fixed
This is my biggest problem with the advertising type. The advertising days, price and size are all fixed. I really don’t like this. You will be able to tell this from reading my ‘About‘ page where I state the main reason I blog is because:

That article I just created will stay on the internet forever”

I love the fact the internet has no limits. Limits are what prevent you from succeeding even further in life. This is why I don’t like banner advertising. The fixed price especially is a limit stopping you from making any further money from advertising. What if you had a really good month? It won’t matter if you used banner advertising as you agreed to a fixed price and not a variable price like you would with Adsense. If you have a good month, you will be able to see this in Adsense where your earnings will have increased. With banner advertising, they will stay exactly the same.

Less Advertisers
What ever way you look at the market for banner advertising, it is clear there are far less advertisers in banner advertising than pay per click. Less competition means in general less chance of making money. You can have the millions of potential advertisers in Adsense or the few thousands of advertisers in BuySellAds where, at most, half of them are active. It’s a clear cut answer, isn’t it?

Time Costs!
Another reason I really dislike banner advertising. You don’t just get advertisers straight away when you sign your website up for banner advertising. You need advertisers to see your advert and then decide whether to advertise on your site. Now, this could be a few days or even weeks or months. Either way, it’s still time you are having to wait for your website to monetize.This is why PPC and even in-text advertising is better. As soon as you put them adverts on your site, you will be making money or at least given the opportunity to make money. Some websites like mine really can’t wait for advertisers to advertise. I constantly feel like I’m loosing out on earnings I would have made if I simply used Adsense. I always have that thought telling me:

“Look, your not making money, you might not sell that ad space for months. Put Adsense up and you know you are guaranteed to make money!”

Banner advertising for some websites will prove to be their main source of income. Banner advertising works for some websites that’s when the above all work for them:

  • By dividing the price of the ad spot by the number of clicks the advert has had, you can work out the CPC for banner advertising. If it’s more than the typical PPC CPC (being $0.80+), then banner advertising is doing well for you.
  • Having loads of advertisers in your market wanting to advertise on sites like yours.
  • Having no time delay on ad spots being bought and expiring.
Either way, I see Adsense and PPC a more consistent source of income. It works for 99% of websites. That’s why I use them more than BuySellAds. I want consistency in this inconsistent economy.


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