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Blogging Tips : 4 Things High Quality Website Can Bring You

Regardless of your industry, profession or background, in order to start a successful career in 2017, you need a strong online presence. While some people tend to create content with just making several social media profiles, starting a blog tends to be much more effective.

You see, whenever someone hears about you, the most probable first thing they are about to do is – look you up on Google. Needless to say, if they can’t find you it is as if you don’t even exist.

Sadly, this might not even be the worst outcome of their search. If they do manage to find your website but it is not on the first page of Google search results, badly designed or filled with spam-like design tricks and low-quality content, they will instantly abandon any idea of working (even interacting) with you. On the other hand, having a high-quality website has a lot of ways of giving you a great ROI. Here are some of them.

• Appearing More Professional

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that well designed, highly responsive website, that is filled with quality content tends to get you a much better SEO rank. You see, the first result on a Google search gets about one-third of all visitors, while each next one gets exponentially less attention. By the time you reach page 2 the amount of audience falls off by 95 percent. Still, the inability of people to find you is not the only thing that matters here. Even those who don’t give up looking for you might develop a bad opinion of your blog if they can’t find you amongst the first several search results. To make the long story short, this is the classic example of the butterfly effect. The better the design, the better the SEO rank; the better the SEO rank, the more reputable your blog will seem.

More Success with Mobile Users

According to recent statistics, a greater number of people is currently browsing the internet through Android than through Windows. With this in mind, providing a better quality of service might be the right course of action. An infographic of Kissmetrics blog claims that less than 11 percent of all users expect their loading time to be slower on their mobile devices, while all the rest expect it to be faster or at least as quick as on the desktop. In other words, having a properly optimized website might improve your conversion rates amongst mobile users. This is particularly important seeing how the conversion rate amongst mobile users is still considerably lower than the one with desktop users.

Quality Content Invites More Shares

Some bloggers invest heavily in influencer marketing in order to have their content noticed. On the other hand, there’s definitely an easier way to get there. By making your content informative or interesting enough you may encourage your audience to share it on their own. Still, with 2 million pieces of content getting published online every day, it isn’t that easy to get noticed. For this, you need to fulfill three major goals. First, you need to be clear in the message you are trying to convey. Second, you need to have a valuable piece of knowledge and be able to support it with facts and numbers. Finally, this content needs to bring some sort of practical value to the reader.

It Automates Your Introduction Procedure

Even though the internet is a dynamic eco-system, the best thing about establishing a strong online presence is that your persona starts living a life of its own. One of the greatest benefits of making a blog lies in creating a great digital footprint that will be ready to introduce you and impress people even when you are not available. In other words, you pull this off properly the first time around and it keeps improving your image on its own.

In Conclusion

To sum it all up, a quality website allows people to find you much easier and have a much better first impression of you. While it is true that the number of online visitors is currently at its all-time high, making a name for yourself in the blogosphere is far from easy. Finally, making a solid blog isn’t just good for blogging. In a way, it also becomes a vital part of your portfolio, which is great no matter what you decide to dedicate yourself to in the future. All in all, the list of benefits that a high-quality website can bring you keeps going on and on.

Bio: Helen Bradford is a literature and business enthusiast whose current interest is digital marketing, mostly SEO. Therefore, she works part-time as a consultant for renowned SEO company from Australia . She spends her spare time doing fitness and traveling.”


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