I use Ad Dynamo Ads to monetize my website

Since Adsense banned my account and although I now have a new account, I am too scared to use it as I feel they will ban me again, I now use Ad:Dynamo for monetizing my blog, and I have to say, it’s serving well.

I started using Ad Dynamo ads since 2010 Christmas and have had a lot of success with them. I made my payments via direct debit, a method of payment Google Adsense doesn’t allow.

The ads themselves are great when talking about changing the format and size, but it’s a shame not many people use Ad Dynamo. There are’t many advertisers meaning you get quite a lot of adverts showing up again and again and again.

I believe that if more and more people use Ad Dynamo instead of Adsense, It will become better than Adsense. Unlike Adsense, if someone invalidly clicks on an ad, you don’t get banned, Ad Dynamo simply give the money back to the advertiser, simple! Why does Google think it’s necessary to ban people if 0.00001% of their ads are invalid?

If your reading this blog and use Adsense or Adwords I would highly recommend you try Ad Dynamo. they have more features, easy to use interface and will be much much better if more people keep trying out Ad Dynamo.

Update: I don’t use Ad Dynamo ads any more and now use the best pay per click program out there, Google Adsense.


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