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Top 5 Search Engine Optimization Tools in 2018

Every year, SEO takes a turn towards better value proposition to audiences, and in the turns, the changes realised affect how optimisation techniques should be done for best results.

In 2018, there are a variety of new trends picking up in SEO, and while website owners strive to master them, another area as regards to SEO needs attention.

SEO tools are fundamental in the practice of optimisation methods, and in 2018, there are a few tools you must give priority to, over others. The following captures the top five SEO tools to use:


KWFinder is a keyword tool that helps you with keyword research. With this tool, you can determine terms with low competition. While you may be after particular keywords, the KWFinder tools pull out other relevant suggestions that could befit the scope you are considering, and this way, you can make more informed decisions on the right key terms.

Further, this SEO tool has a rank tracker that helps you examine your ranking for the keywords you chose, also checking, whether those terms are very competitive in your industry.

Screaming Frog Spider

Since its creation, the SEO spider has only gained popularity. This SEO tool can perform a site audit for your website by performing a quick search of your URL. In these searches, you can check to ensure that your URL is structured correctly, examine your web pages for broken links, 404-errors, no-indexed pages, among others. Such errors can derail your SEO campaign causing you significant falls in your anticipated results.

Further, you can use the Screaming Frog Spider tool to check for little issues like missing titles and meta description, duplicate meta tags, number of links in a page, find word counts, among others, which are mistakes that you could be doing unintentionally, yet be affecting your SERP and traffic flow. The good thing is that the tool has a free version and a paid one, so it accommodates different webmasters.

Majestic SEO tool

Majestic is among the best most-ranked marketing SEO tools that most experts in SEO use.

The Majestic Million feature on this tool allows you access to the rankings of millions of websites on search engines, so you can determine which sites are ranking for specific keywords, and where your website stands in the rank. For this reason, it cuts as a competitor analysis tool, from where you can then move forward to re-strategise for the sake of beating your competition on SERP. You can check SERP tracking software at serpbook.com to follow through with more on your site’s ranking.

Further, the Site Explorer feature is beneficial for following up with your online store for a general overview, not forgetting, examining the link structure of your website. As to matters link structure, this SEO tools lets you check the number of backlinks you have for the different web pages. This tool can further serve you as a keyword tool, together with other features fashioned for website comparisons for competitor research and analysis, particularly on matters to backlinks.

Google Webmasters

With the primary goal of ranking first on search engine results, it helps to use tools from the search giant, Google. Google Webmaster is an SEO tool with a set of features laid out to assist in the execution of a variety of SEO best practices.

One of the features, Fetch as Googlebot, allows you to view the URLs of your site in the way Google sees them, and this way, you can detect poorly structured URLs, then modify them to your advantage. The Google Webmaster tools will as well give you a general look at your site’s performance by checking even your website load time.

Further, you can under the keywords section, you can examine which keywords your site mostly ranks for, so that instead of chasing keywords you think you should be ranking for, you have a clear picture of what your audience find valuable in your site. Find out the errors you have made with your keywords and worked to rectify them.

The best part about the Google Webmaster SEO tool is that it is free.


You know how SEO guidelines forbid you from duplicate content? The Siteliner is the tool to help you with this problem. This tool enables you to find duplicate material on your web pages, by alerting you of any same pages that resemble another piece of work on other websites. The duplicate table on the Siteliner tool lays out the URLs, match word, percentages and pages, which is how you are made aware of duplicate material.

Further, as you scan for duplicate copies, you will also be made aware of broken links, page load time, number of internal links for every page, the average page size, among others. The tool then compares your website to the average of other sites that have previously checked with this SEO tool, so you can determine where you stand.

If you are going to compete with websites that have a high domain authority, then using these five tools should propel you to achieving the best SEO results.


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