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Ad Dynamo Releases Debit Card to Publisher Bloggers – New Payment Method for Ad Dynamo

Recently, Ad:Dynamo have put information about a new debit card they are releasing to users of their pay per click publishing program. The card will come in a nice colour of pink and give users the usual access to millions of ATM machines just like a normal debit card would.

“Ad Dynamo is pleased to announce its new debit card. Available to publishers in most countries, the Ad Dynamo debit card ensures that your earnings are instantly available to you on the first day of every month. Enjoy the Visa backed card by withdrawing your earnings at ATM’s or shopping at any point of sale that supports Visa Cards.”

From Ad:Dynamo’s website

To apply for the Ad:Dynamo debit card, the publisher using Ad:Dynamo has to earn $130 (roughly £100) and then the card will be shipped to you. There is a cost of $30 (£23) fee to cover issuing the card and postal costs. However, once you have confirmed you have received the card, Ad:Dynamo will load $100 (£80) onto your new card for free to get you going. You can select a new payment method in Ad:Dynamo that pays your earnings straight into this new debit card too.

Here’s a few things you should know about Ad:Dynamo’s new debit card:

  • Besides the debit card, Ad Dynamo offers a variety of payment methods including direct deposit to your bank account, & PayPal.
  • The debit card carries high transaction costs as a result of being a global product (about $2 or £1.50 per withdrawal or use) – as a result we discourage using it for low value payments. 
  •  The card is ideal for cash withdrawals of your monthly earnings or for higher value purchases.
  • You will have secure online banking access to monitor the activity on your card.
  • The card is available in €, £, or $
  • You still responsible for declaring your earnings to local tax authorities in your country

Ad:Dynamo’s card will be released in June 2011 however you can start to use it now by pre-qualifying via Ad:Dynamo’s website.

I think from the high transaction fees, this card will not make no difference as you can already make direct debit payments onto a debit card of your choice already. However, it will be interesting to see how successful this card will be. Ad:Dynamo has grown enormously since it was first released back in 2009, will the same apply for their new debit card?


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