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Ad Dynamo Payment Methods – How can you get paid when using Ad Dynamo Pay per click program?

Ad:Dynamo is a relatively new contextual pay per click advertising program compared to many competitors such as Google Adsense and adBrite. It’s a great way of making money online and offers, compared to its main competitors, the broadest range of payment methods: With Ad:Dynamo, you can choose how you want to be paid.

Firstly, I will go through payment methods for Ad Dynamo Publisher. Ad Dynamo for publishers offers many different ways of bringing you your earnings. Let’s go through them:

  • Cheque – This is the most used payment preference in pay per click programs. Ad Dynamo, if you choose this option, will send a cheque with your earnings to the address and payee name you choose. Delivery varies between a few days and weeks and also remember that the cheque must be paid to someone over the age of 18.
  • PayPal – This payment method is a bit of a niche at the moment as not may pay per click programs use it. Paypal is a great method that should be used more often. It is very secure, fast and easy. I thank Ad:Dynamo they offer this payment method.
  • Direct Debit – Now, I only know Ad:Dynamo to be the only ones that offer this, which is quite a big thing. Direct debit is even simpler than PayPal, transferring your earnings straight into your debit or credit card. Plus, you don’t have to be 18! This is through Ad Dynamo releasing their own debit card
  • Direct into a Bank Account – By providing your bank details you can have your earnings transferred straight into your bank. However, it does take between 3-5 days.

Ad:Dynamo’s payment methods are so good I’m not surprised if people will sign up just for the unique payment methods they offer. You cannot fault them for the flexibility in payment.

Now we come onto the second part of Ad Dynamo, advertising, where you can place adverts on a pay per click basis. Ad:Dynamo for advertisers offers:

Payment method of Ad:Dynamo: Pre-Pay
  • Credit/Debit card – This basically takes the money spent on advertising straight out of your credit or debit card account, which once again is a quick and easy transaction. 
  • Pre-Pay – Honestly, I don’t know much about Pre-Pay but it seems to involve paying debt that you owe so it’s a type of credit.
  • Voucher – If you have a voucher for Ad:Dynamo, you can submit the voucher in exchange for advertising money to spend.

You also get the option to include a back-up card where you are able to fill out a form for a Visa, MasterCard or Visa Electron card just in case the primary preferred payment type doesn’t work.

Overall, I found Ad Dynamo to be the absolute best at giving users the widest range of payment methods. It provides what I think, a payable method for everyone of every age, which is amazing. However good or bad Ad Dynamo actually is for producing contextual advertising, you cannot fault them on payment methods.



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