Ad:Dynamo – Pay per click program review – Adsense Alternative

There are lots of pay-per-click programs out there, with all offering the best deal making you and most money. Just how good are these pay-per-click programs though? I have searched over the internet numerous times and can now give a review of the pay per click program Ad:Dynamo.

This article has been updated since first published (check bottom)
Firstly, let me tell you in short term how bad my experience with pay per click programs have been. Banned from Adsense and still haven’t really found a replacement. As I live in the UK, I want my payments in British Sterling, not US dollars like most PPC programs.

I first started a website off that was a complete failure: I copied all posts and articles from other websites and put them on mine. This does not work for PPC programs as the ad companies know you have copied the content and find it more difficult to produce contextual advertising which is ads that are related to the content.

Now, because Ad:Dynamo pays users via cheque or direct debit, it was perfect for me. It has a wide range of sizes for the adverts making them fit exactly where you want. A good example is the advert in this post. Like adsense, it has customizable colours with no limit on what shade you want.

Now, there’s the money side to Ad:Dynamo. Like with any PPC program, there are advertisers that pay pennies for a click on their ad and others that pay loads for a click on their ad. My clicks value range from 2p-58p. You can easier make your ads you show worth more by blocking them from being shown on your blog or website.

Not, only does Ad:Dynamo provide a publisher account, it also gives you an advertiser account, so if you ever want to advertise your website, you can too.

Overall, I have found Ad:Dynamo to be very good at being a adsense alternative and PPC program. It’s the only PPC program I know that does direct debit and has as much customization as Google adsense. Plus, it can earn you some serious money! For more information on Ad:Dynamo, check out their homepage.

Since writing this, Ad Dynamo in my eyes have gone downhill quite a lot. I was surprised by the amount of comments I got on this post on how Ad Dynamo isn’t as good as what I thought in the above review it was. It apparently has been scamming many advertisers out of money they rightly have earned which is present from this picture:

In the forum this picture came from, an Ad Dynamo Client Service Representative comes up with the excuse of invalid clicks to explain why clicks have been reversed. However, these earnings have come from a website gaining more than half a million monthly page views. Within days, Ad Dynamo have reversed over $1,000 of earnings for a claim that no advertiser can argue with as we as advertisers have no evidence, no proof these clicks are valid or invalid. I think it’s disgraceful that Ad Dynamo is acting in this way, just like a bully.


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