Best Way to Make Money Online

I always hear people saying the best way to make money online, and which quite frankly never work. You always see adverts stating they can make you money online, which never work. And you always see websites that claim to make you money. So, how can you make money online if you simply can’t make money online? Well, here’s two methods that I guarantee will make you money online.

From my experiences of being online, I have come up with the top two methods of guaranteed making money from being online. However, each will require you having a website with a good inflow of traffic. To make a website, click here

So, you’ve created your website, put a load of content on it that’s attracting visitors, now there’s two methods of making money through your blogger blog, word press blog or website. It’s a bit obvious to be honest:

The new phenomenon on the internet is the pay per click programs such as Google Adsense, adBrite, Chitika,  Ad:Dynamo and Microsoft’s adCenter. By inserting a simple HTML code on the side bar, or in the post itself will get your website monetized. Every time a visitor clicks on an ad, you will get paid from as much as £1.60 per click. Just imagine if you get just 20 people clicking on ads per day on average. That’s over £30!

However, when doing this form of making money online, don’t get into click fraud: where you, friends or relatives click on your ads to make you money. This is illegal and will get you banned from your pay per click program.

The second method should only be done with certain websites and will need more traffic:

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is where you display web pages, ads, links, anything on your website that visitors will click on to buy a product. The best example of this is Amazon, where you can put adverts on your website to products on Amazon and if they buy it through your website, you get 10-30% of the earnings. This is more risky as some websites such as news websites won’t promote visitors looking to buy a product. Your website should be a review website or related in some way to the products your trying to sell. Otherwise, you won’t make a penny.

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