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The Complete Matched Bets (matchedbets.com) Website Review

It’s been several years that the market has become saturated with websites offering matched betting services to help those make a tax-free income from the bonus offers that bookmakers promote to punters.

One of the websites that has emerged as a matched betting website is matchedbets.com, for which I will refer to as ‘Matched Bets’ for this review.

You have probably seen, as a matched better or someone wanting to start matched betting, Matched Bets gaining some momentum as a matched betting website to sign up with. To help you determine whether it is the right or best matched betting website for you, here is a complete and honest review of Matched Bets.

The links to Matched Bets on this website are affiliate links. The review is completely honest and of my own opinion completely. To aid the review, you can submit your own rating of Matched Bets in this review, to provide a User Rating on Matched Bets as a matched betting website in the comments.

The Complete Matched Bets Review

Name: Matched Bets

Description: Matched Betting - Make Money Online , Free Bets , No Risk - MatchedBets.com


  • 8/10
    User Interface - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Odds matching software - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Training material/Offers - 8/10
  • 6/10
    Software/Features - 6/10
  • 9/10
    Forum - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Support - 9/10
  • 6/10
    Maximising profits - 6/10
  • 7/10
    Value for money - 7/10


Although Matched Bets can be seen as relatively new when compared to the likes of OddsMonkey and Profit Accumulator, what Matched Bets offer is something which rivals the competition of other matched betting websites on the internet.
The clean minimalistic approach to matched betting will help those struggling to understand the concept of matched betting and should make it appear simpler (for which, at it's core, it is). The implementation to be able to track all of your bets will make life a lot easier for matched betters, where all of their activities can be tracked inside the website. The Odds matching software is clean and includes the SNR column, which is, I feel, a must for Odds matching software. Priced competitively, it is fair to say Matched Bets is a simple effective matched betting website and would prove most useful to those just starting matched betting. However, as outlined in this review, Matched Bets lacks the potential to truly to maximise profits (which is quite important in matched betting).

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The Complete Matched Bets (matchedbets.com) Review

It’s an interesting upbringing Matched Bets have had to get to the stage they are at: being a matched betting service website. The owner of Matched Bets was actually an owner of a chain of bookmakers before he chose to move online and start-up a website, freebets.com. At its core, this was, and still is, a website that earns commission through affiliation of sign up offers from bookmakers. However, this was sold and the focus was moved to matched betting and matchedbets.com. So, already, the owner has definitely got some very good experience with regards to betting, bookmakers and sign-up offers.

User Interface

The User interface of Matched Bets is an important element to the website, since I get the impression that Matched Bets are all about trying to simplify, as much as possible, matched betting to the user (since, for some, it can seem quite complex). Matched Bets have achieved a minimalistic approach to the website, with clear text and contrasting bold colours. This makes navigating the menu clear and concise to the user, which will simplify things down to the user.

Matched Bets Member’s Dashboard

I’ve given a respectful rating to the user interface simply because it does have a nice minimalistic theme, for which I am a fan of for websites. However, please consider that how one person looks at a website will be different to how another person does – it is a subjective opinion. Therefore, you might like a more ‘busy’ look than a minimalist. For me, the clean look works well for a matched betting website. Saying this, there are a few areas it could improve:

  • The navigation menu at the top is not ‘fixed’ – by this, once the web user scrolls down, the navigation menu does not stick to the top of the web browser so it is always accessible where ever you are on the website. For me, I found I was having to constantly scroll back up to the top to access a different part of the website (due to the fact, as well, there was no button to scroll back to the top automatically).
  • Although it goes with the clean look, the large font used throughout the website means the amount of information that can be displayed above the fold of the web browser is limited when compared to other matched betting websites, that tend to use slightly smaller size fonts. This results in a lot of scrolling.
  • I like the clean look. However, I am not a fan of dark backgrounds. It would be nice to have a choice between a dark or light theme for the website.

Odds matching software

The Odds matching software is an extremely important part to a matched betting website since it allows the user to find the best bet to bet for an event and against one, to minimise the qualifying lost to get a free bet or some sort of bookmaker offer. It is the matched better’s best friend.

The Odds matching software from Matched Bets is very different to the look of Profit Accumulator’s or OddsMonkey’s, staying in theme with the clean look of the website.

There are some great features to this Odds matching software which make it a truly great piece of software to use, outlined below:

  • Automatically updating odds – To prevent the user from having to refresh the page, the scripts that run the Odds matcher and the calculator update in real-time, meaning the odds you see on them are the odds you will find on the bookmaker and exchange.
    • For me, this is a very useful feature, especially when the odds update when forwarded to the calculator after finding the correct match.
  • The filter allows for a ‘Stake Not Returned’ (SnR) column – This will help maintain more of your free bets by automatically finding the best bets to place to maximise the free bets you have accumulated – a very good feature to have in an Odds matching software.
  • The filter also allows for you to find certain filtered searched by typing into the form box instead of scrolling down a list and finding what you want to find. This will help to save time since instead of scrolling down to find the likes of ‘William Hill’, you can just type in ‘Wil’ etc. and William Hill will appear straight away. This feature works for:
    • Choosing the bookmaker.
    • Choosing the sport.
    • Choosing the exchange.
    • Choosing the market.
    • Searching for the event name or competition name – this is a really good feature since for certain offers such as ‘Bet £10 get £5 free bet per goal in the Manchester derby football game’, instead of having to manually find the match, you could search for the actual game and see what match is the best to reduce the qualifying loss. Although this will save pennies at a time, those pennies will add up over the course of a month.
  • It’s very quick – since the software updates automatically, it is fast updating when you provide any filter for it to recalculate the results to show.

So there are many good features to this Odds matching software. But, there are also downsides to it too, from my perspective, which reflects the score it received in this review:

  • The majority of links to the bookmakers go to the homepage, whilst some exchanges also do the same (my experience from using it seems to suggest that the only links that go to the right market from the software are with Smarkets).
  • It’s not the most convenient to have to open up a new tab every time you want to calculate the lay stake for a bet (since clicking onto a match automatically opens a new window with the match in the calculator). However, I understand why this has to be the case, since it also allows the bet to be tracked within Matched Bets.
  • It does not have any type of integration with Betfair. This is a little picky. However, after trialing out OddsMonkey’s Odds matching software which allows one click laying through Betfair straight from their software, it makes life extremely easy to bet against matches in the software. The fact OddsMonkey are the only website that has this, to me, means every other Odds matching software has a downside to it that it does not have Betfair Integration.

Training Material/Offers

Matched Bets, in keeping with the clean look, has a very clean way of showing any offer on their website. This is achieved by having stages to each offer and having them appear and disappear at the click of the mouse, which helps to keep the content on the web page down to only what applies to the part of the offer the user is doing.

As well as this, I like the fact the Profit Tracker (which allows you to track what bets you have placed on what offers etc. so you do not need to use a spreadsheet) is incorporated into each individual offer, so you can see what you have done regarding the offer in terms of bets – very useful again.

With this, what I also like about Matched Bets and their offers is that they have their own dedicated section just to show the accumulator offers available. However, although they have their own accumulators offer page, they do not have the likes of a horse racing refund offer page, which I feel would clean the look of the Daily Offer Calender making it easier to scroll the offers available.

On the whole, the training material is very good and makes life simple when it comes to doing the offers. Like with other matched betting websites, if you follow the material word-for-word, you will not have a problem.


Matched Bets does have extra software/features available to its members which will help to provide a better matched betting experience for the user. This includes:

  • Bet/Profit Tracker – as already mentioned, the Profit Tracker allows you to track every single matched bet you place so that you can stay on top of your offers see how much you have made since tracking your profits in Matched Bet. From trying it out, it is really good and would suit a new matched better very much so. However, as an experienced matched better that has been matched betting for a number of years, I still cannot give up my ‘trustee old’ spreadsheet anytime soon since it has worked for me for years.
  • Accumulator software, Acca Backer – this is a piece of software which works out the best matches you should bet on to be in a chance of a refund for an accumulator offer. The layout follows the clean look of the website and links in well with the bet/profit tracker too.
  • Mobile-optimised website – the whole website, including all of the software/features, are completely mobile optimised, which means you can take your matched betting anywhere and do it on the go, on your tablet or smartphone. This is quite a big deal for those that are on the move a lot.

What Matched Bets offer as software/features are extremely good. However, for me, there is not quite enough of them yet to get a higher score, considering other matched betting websites have several pieces of software/features they have available, be it not mobile-optimised. Examples include:

  • Each way matcher
  • Extra place matcher
  • A Dutch searcher
  • A Horse racing matcher


The forum is a critical area for a matched better and is generally where people will go to see what other like-minded people are talking about with offers and more.

The rating I gave Matched Bets for their forum is high mainly because it is free for anyone to use. This is extremely powerful since, from doing this, they are allowing people to gain access to conversations and information from other like-minded matched betters without even having to pay for the subscription with Matched Bets.

Anything that comes free is always going to get a high rating. The reason why it cannot score any higher is because the size of the forum, based on the posts in it etc. is not very large. For this reason, I can understand why Matched Bets made it free for anyone to use:

  1. To increase the size of the forum.
  2. To entice users who are not members to become members based on the information inside the forum.

It is also worth noting that the size of the forum depends on a few things. For most matched betting websites, the main support they will receive is through the forum and talking to others. For Matched Bets, they offer live chat support online, with replies within around 30 seconds. For this reason, it is more convenient for the user to contact live chat rather than navigate to the forum and indefinitely wait for a reply.


As mentioned above, another area that Matched Bets are great in is support. Matched Bets offer live chat support, as well as support in the forum and email support, where users will get a reply from a member of the team within around 30 seconds….30 seconds!

This is ground breaking for a matched better, since this seems to be one of, if not, the quickest way to get support as a matched better. Time matters a lot with matched betting so it is great to know, if you ever get stuck, there will be an expert to help you in 5 minutes through online chat support.

Maximising Profits

Maximising profits is all about ways in which the matched betting website allows the users to profit from matched betting, both through the offers bookmakers promote and through other matched betting methods. Unfortunately, for Matched Bets, this is where they fall short.

Firstly, starting off with where you can maximise profits, Matched Bets do have some features which enable people to make that bit more money through matched betting. These are as follows:

  • Stake not Returned (SnR) column that appears after clicking on it in the filter of the Odds matching software – As outlined in my review of Profit Accumulator vs OddsMonkey, the SnR column has the potential to make, at least, another 30p per £10 free bet you accumulate – it all adds up! For example, if you gained £1000 in free bets, that’s, at least, another £30 you would have generated just from the SnR column a month.
  • Acca Backer, which allows users to profit from accumulator offers and refunds.

But, apart from that, there are not many other ways you can maximise the profit you make through matched betting, hence the low score.

Value for money

Matched Bets has a pricing plan which consists of:

  • Rolling £14/month for an all access membership.
  • Rolling £99/year (works out at £8.25/month) for an all access membership.

This is very cheap as a matched betting website, with most offering between £12-18 for a membership. Saying this, based on the features and software Matched Bets have, which can be seen as limited as opposed to other matched betting websites, the price reflects as good value for money for the features you get as part of the subscription.

As it stands for August 2017, Matched Bets are actually offering a sign up offer of £1 to use their website.

What your opinion of Matched Bets?

What do you think of Matched Bets? Feel free to provide your opinion of Matched Bets either through the User Rating through the comment review rating at the bottom – I would love to read all of your opinions.


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