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Ad:Dynamo is one of many pay per click programs that are fairly new and are taking advantage of the new market of advertising online. More and more people are using pay per click programs to monetize their website or blog, so why not use Ad:Dynamo? Well, There’s many factors to take into consideration. One is the amount of money you get per click or CPC (cost per click).

As well as Ad:Dynamo, there are other pay per click programs such as adBrite, ChitikaGoogle Adsense and Ad:Dynamo, all of which I have done reviews for. But, this article is on how well Ad:Dynamo pays out.

I used Ad:Dynamo for around 2 months and gave up. I’ll answer your question: It does not pay out well and here;s why:

Ad:Dynamo and pay per click programs are totally dependant on how many people use them for advertising. If there are more people bidding for their advert to show on a website or blog, the ad will be worth more and more to the publisher meaning more ‘dosh’ for you. Ad:Dynamo has a tiny amount of advertisers meaning they don’t have to pay as much to show their adverts as there are not as many advertisers bidding for their adverts to be shown.

Two click on average worth 4p. That just says everything you need to know

The best example to show you this is of a blog I made for technology news: I use Ad:Dynamo to monetize it and in all honesty, it’s not going well. Because there are only a small amount of advertisers, the adverts that are shown are unrelated and not anything to do with Tech. Just check them out, I saw an advert about multiplication tables and Car hire in France the other day! Please explain why geeky people will need car hire in France!?

After all of this, your lucky if you get an advert that pays out more than 8p to you. That’s why it will take years to make any money: Adsense pay out up to 80p per click and sometimes more! That’s ten times more! But don’t get me wrong, there are advertisers that pay out good that use Ad:Dynamo, just I feel there’s more low paying advertisers than high paying ones.

Another thing to mention is how much revenue give to the publisher. I believe Google Adsense give 68% of the earnings from a click to publishers whereas Ad:Dynamo give 50%. So, already your losing out on 18%.

I would have only one thing to say if you want to use Ad:Dynamo: give it time. This pay per click program is very new to the market so give it time for more advertisers to sign up for them. In a year or so time, they will be very competitive in the pay per click advertising market.


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