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Why is Your CTR so Low? Because of Your Bounce Rate

There is a simple reason for so many bloggers having such a low click through rate: bounce rate. Just a quick refresh, the click through rate is number of clicks / page impressions while the bounce rate is the percentage of users that click onto a website and ‘bounce; away to a different site rather than continue on other pages within the same site. Now, why would bounce rate effect your Adsense CTR? All will be explained in this article…

Your bounce rate is one of the most crucial statistics you need to bear in mind. A high bounce rate will kill your blog while a low bounce rate can turn your blog’s success around overnight. Now, to explain why bounce rate effects CTR, let’s use some numbers:

  • 500 Page impressions
  • 0.8% CTR 
  • 75% bounce rate.

From this basic information, we can work out everything.

Firstly, as we know the bounce rate and impressions, we can work out the exact number of people that clicked straight of the website: 500 X 0.75 = 375. This number is important as it shows that out of 500 impressions, 375 of them were pointless impressions as they clicked straight off the website. 

That means the conversion rate (successful impressions, opposite to bounce rate) is 25% or 125 impressions. So only 125 people actually stayed on. This is the true statistic you want to know.

To work out the real CTR for this blog, we need to find out how many people clicked on adverts through 500 X 0.8 = 4. So 4 people clicked on adverts.

Now we know how many people clicked on adverts, we can divide it by 125 to give us the real CTR which is 3.2%! That’s an increase of 400%!

Can you see now that the CTR you are given by Adsense may be your overall CTR, but not the true CTR. In actual fact, you may think you are doing bad but your actually doing quite well! You will just need to work on lowering your bounce rate.



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