Ad Dynamo Paid Me My First Earnings – Ad Dynamo DOES Pay Out

Ad Dynamo is a fairly new pay per click advertising program compared to Google Adsense and others which is why everyone begs the question “are they real?” “Do they actually pay out to publishers?” and the big question “Should I use them?” Well, my views on Ad Dynamo have changed dramatically since on the 1st April where I got my first earnings payment.

Before 1st April, I had been using Ad Dynamo for around 2 months which I found disappointing to be honest. The payout per click is so low at the moment because there are no advertisers. Therefore, I was getting around 20 clicks a day and only earning on average 50-90p. It’s bad isn’t it if you compare it to Google’s Adsense which would have made me at least £10. Otherwise, I’ll tell you about my first payment from them.

To all those that are cautious when giving out bank account details, credit card numbers, Ad Dynamo is 100% secure and is a valid pay per click program. Ad Dynamo process each month’s earnings on the first day of the next month which is why my payment was on 1st April:

I received a payment of £20.71 which was through Paypal (as if Ad Dynamo was a scam, I wouldn’t have risked anything). Ad Dynamo pays out publishers that have hit the payment threshold of £20. So to answer the questions I asked at the beginning:
“Are they real?” Yes
“Do they actually pay out to publishers?” Yes 
And the big question “Should I use them?” Yes

Although Ad Dynamo doesn’t have many advertisers at the moment, the amount of advertisers is on the increase every day. Ad Dynamo’s twitter page stated a week ago that Tottenham Hotspurs Football Club signed up as an advertiser so the auctions for adverts to display on websites will increase which will increase pay per click. I see Ad Dynamo being a dark horse in this market: they offer more than Adsense offers, with a lower payment threshold, easier to pay publishers and wider range of ad sizes. What’s your view on Ad Dynamo? Feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll come back to you as soon as possible.


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