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Ad Choices Replaces Google’s Adsense

I was surfing the web today to notice how Google Adsense ads have a different name: Ad Choices. On text adverts, the bottom right corner use to say ‘Adsense’ and now it says ‘AdChoices’. On image adverts, it use to be the letter ‘i’ in a circle which has also been changed to a triangle. Yes, I know it’s not a big difference but still why have they done it?

Now, at first when I saw this, I immediately thought why have they done it? With the newly released +1 by Google too it seems they are having a make over. For all publishers of Google Adsense, the name hasn’t changed. The only name that has changed is the one on all adverts. This could be because they will be changing the whole name of Adsense or want to change the look of Adsense ads (UPDATE: which they have now done for iPad Adsense adverts) as the average surfer knows they are by Google when s/he sees the ‘Adsense’ in the corner of the advert.

I also wondered about copyright. There must be an advertising internet marketing company already out there called AdChoices? Sure enough there is: AdChoice. Yes, it doesn’t have a ‘s’ on the end but there must be some copyright infringement by Google or maybe Google have bought out adchoiceinc.com.

Anyway, I think the reason Google changed the name was to attract attention again. A product or service through it’s life goes through different stages. When it gets to the end of it’s life, you can either re-brand it to boost sales or just leave it to rot away. Therefore, Google must be re-branding Adsense to boost it’s sales. This was possibly due to the ever increasing market of online advertisement: the amount of new companies joining is incredible.

Either way, the only thing at the moment that has changed is the adverts name, nothing else. But, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the whole of Google Adsense change name. From my perspective, I think the new name is a lot better. Adsense was just a company I would associate with Google placing adverts on websites. AdChoices is that but it says it in the name ‘AdChoices’ inclining it’s bringing you the best choice ads.



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