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The Complete OddsMonkey Matched Betting Website Review

Matched betting and matched betting websites, such as OddsMonkey, has been around for several years and is growing in popularity continually.

As a way for anyone to make money from at a pace they choose, a lot of people are looking to matched betting to accommodate their work salaries and more. For one, I used matched betting to completely fund a website and a team to maintain the website.

In order to maximise your tax-free profits from matched betting, there are many matched betting websites that provide training material, support, software and features to assist you along your matched betting path. One of these websites is OddsMonkey and has been considered one of, if not, the largest market leading matched betting websites on the internet. For this reason, to help you get an idea with OddsMonkey as a matched betting website, here is a complete review of their service.

The links to OddsMonkey on this website are affiliate links. The review is completely honest and of my own opinion completely. To aid the review, you can submit your own rating of OddsMonkey in this review, to provide a User Rating on OddsMonkey as a matched betting website either below or in the comments.

The Complete OddsMonkey Review

Name: OddsMonkey

Description: Matched Betting made easy for everyone | Work from home | Tax Free


  • 7.5/10
    User Interface - 7.5/10
  • 10/10
    Odds matching software - 10/10
  • 8/10
    Training material/Offers - 8/10
  • 10/10
    Software/Features - 10/10
  • 8/10
    Forum - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Support - 8/10
  • 10/10
    Maximising profits - 10/10
  • 9/10
    Value for money - 9/10


OddsMonkey created the first ever odds matching software and have now included Betfair integration for automatic lay matching of bets within it, arguably making it the best odds matching software on the internet. Along with lots of training material to accomodate both the offers and the serveral pieces of software/features OddsMonkey has, it goes without saying that OddsMonkey offers the matched better a wide range of ways to profitise from matched betting: not just from bonus offers.
It is common for OddsMonkey to be the first to release the latest features, as they have done for the majority of their features. With a consistent pricing plan for subscription, if you want to get all of the newest and most features to aid yourself when matched betting, then OddsMonkey is a good shout for a website to sign up to.

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The Complete OddsMonkey Review

OddsMonkey Matched Betting Website Review

OddsMonkey has been around for a few years now. It was one of the first ever website to produce an odds matching software for which it provided to Profit Accumulator at a monthly fee. After Profit Accumulator chose to cancel this contract, OddsMonkey looked to create their own matched betting website with training material, offers, features to aid matched betters and more. Below is an explanation of each of the ratings given above.

User Interface

The User interface for OddsMonkey is a crucial part to a matched betting website, since you will be spending a lot of time on the website. It has not changed much over the years, with the main inclusion being the Dashboard to display useful information to you and the current offers (which displays reload offers in a much nicer format than the Daily Offer Calender).

OddsMonkey's Dashboard for members
OddsMonkey’s Dashboard for members

This makes navigating the website very easy, especially with the navigation menu that expands with more options upon hovering at the top.

On the whole, the user interface is a very subjective opinion since some people will love certain appearances for websites whilst others may not find it that appealing. For a first time matched better, this might seem quite a lot at first. However, it is easy to get accustom to the design and the numerous amounts of features OddsMonkey has to assist you with making money matched betting.

Odds matching software

The Odds matching software is a necessity for a matched betting website. In layman’s terms, matched betting involves betting for and against an event – the odds matching software automatically provides the best matches for a given filter, be it based on the bookmaker, exchange, odds, sport and more.

Since OddsMonkey’s odds matching software, Oddsmatcher, was one of the first software of its kind, it has really led the way as to how an odds matcher should be, with a few other competing websites actually using the software because it is that good. I particularly like the Stake Not Returned column, which allows you to automatically find the best bet to maximise your free bets, for which other competitors do not. As well as this, the odds matching software has the most amount of bookmakers out od any of its competitors in the software, at a grand total of 78 bookmakers.

Saying this, the best element to the odds matching software, by a country mile, is the Betfair integration. For the bookmaker, OddsMonkey uses SafeURLS to send the matched better to the bookmaker website, with the bet they want already in the betslip ready to click ‘Submit bet’. For the exchange, for the likes of Smarkets and Matchbook, OddsMonkey sends the matched better to the correct market to lay the bet.

However, the inherent problem doing this is mistakes. As much as you think you are perfect, there is going to be one or two times that you will lay the wrong market or lay the wrong amount on the right market. If you are laying high odds, you could potentially lose hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds.

Betfair integration stops this from ever happening. Straight from the odds matching software, you are able to one-click lay a bet. As stated, this prevents any mistakes when laying, saves the matched better time and also prevents any chance of there being a change in odds (since the time between betting for and against the event is reduced significantly). It’s a win-win situation.

Training Material/Offers

OddsMonkey has a range of features on tap to the matched better, which straight away means they have a lot of training material on the software and features too. Accompanying this there are videos and training articles to help both inexperienced and experienced matched betters with easy, medium and hard offers. Ma

On the whole, though, if you follow the training material and offers word-for-word, you should have no troubles at all understanding it.


This is where OddsMonkey really shines. As well as having, what can be deemed, a market leading odds matching software, OddsMonkey also provide a whole range of other software and features at no extra cost. This includes:

  1. Matched betting calculator – an advanced calculator which calculates the lay stake, even with a part lay at different odds.
  2. Racing matcher – displays all of the horse racing refunds from bookmakers on the day along with the best matches for each offer.
  3. Tennis matches – displays all of the tennis refunds from bookmakers on the day along with the best matches for each offer.
  4. Each way matcher – Automatically updating matcher which displays matches for which the matched better could profit from betting for and against each way on a horse. This is due to the each way odds on bookmakers being a fraction of the win odds whilst on the exchange is based on probability. This, in the past, has the potential to mae £100s/month especially during big horse racing events such as Cheltenham, Ascot, Goodwood and The Grand National.
  5. Dutch matcher – instead of betting for and against using an exchange for the against, the dutch matcher shows matches to bet for all the possible events with different bookmakers to make a profit risk free. This is very useful if you want to move your money from 2+ bookmakers into one.
  6. Extra place matcher – An automatically updating matcher which displays the horse races on the day that offer extra places, and displays the best matches for the horses to bet on for each event. There is the ability to save the matches and also displays how much profit you make if the horse finishes in an extra place.
  7. Accumulator matchers – OddsMonkey has five accumulator matches to accommodate all matched better needs. These evolve around the accumulator offers which gain refunds if one/two legs lose etc.
  8. Betfair integration – as already discussed, this is the ability to lay a bet straight from OddsMonkey through one click of a button.
  9. Profit Tracker – this will allow users to track all bets and keep a score on how much profit they have made, with it being directly integrated into the OddsMonkey website.

As you can see, there are a lot of software/features OddsMonkey have, the most of any matched betting website.


The forum is an important place to a matched better. Although you could talk to support, it is always useful to see what other like-minded people are talking about in such a forum.

It is impossible to get facts about how big the forum is for OddsMonkey. What can be said is the categories in the forum range from hundreds to tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of posts, which makes clear that a lot of people use the forum. How many people is enough to make a forum useful? Who knows. What can be said, though, is that there is a lot of posts and responses from members in the OddsMonkey forum that does make it appear a useful place to visit.


OddsMonkey offer two types of support to their members:

  • Email support – you can raise a ticket to get a swift reply (usually around 24 hours maximum) from a member of the OddsMonkey team.
  • 1-2-1 screen sharing support – As a member, you also have access to have 1-2-1 screen sharing support with a member of the OddsMonkey team, to help guide you through the website or offers.

The 1-2-1 screen sharing support is definitely something new matched betters will find very useful. For the majority, email support will be enough. What I like about the support, though, is that, if you wanted, you have access to all of the email’s to the OddsMonkey team from the ‘Meet the Team’ page. Therefore, if you want to email someone specifically in the team, based on their role and credentials, you can.

Maximising Profits

How OddsMonkey allows the matched better to maximise the profits from matched betting is second to none. Along with the vast features on the website, the matched better has everything they need to make the most money, even if it a few extra pennies. For example, when I mention the Stake not Returned column int he odds matching software, this has the potential to make 30-50p per £10 free bet (I outline how this is possible by comparing the fact Profit Accumulator does not have a Stake not Returned column in their oddsmatching software). This might not seem much. However, considering most matched betters get around £1000 in free bets a month, this works out to be worth £30-£50/month – it all adds up.

This is just one example of how OddsMonkey can maximise your profits. Along with all of their features, for which other matched betting websites have some of, but not all in one package like OddsMonkey does, you can truly maximise your profits with OddsMonkey.

Value for money

OddsMonkey has a pricing plan which has not, and is not looking to, change which consists of:

  • Rolling £19.99/month for an all-access membership.
  • Rolling £150/year (works out at £12.50/month) for an all access membership.

For the software and features that OddsMonkey have, it is very good value for money as a matched betting website.

What your opinion of OddsMonkey?

What do you think of OddsMonkey? Feel free to provide your opinion of OddsMonkey either through the User Rating at the top of the review or through the comment review rating at the bottom – I would love to read all of your opinions.


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