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Hi! I’m Will and I created a passive 5 figure passive income, within 5 years, through SEO and an effective blogging strategy. I share my incites exclusively on Ask Will Online.
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November 2011 – Ask Will Online Stats From Google Analytics – New Design

The month for November for me has been the most successful month for Ask Will Online to date. As well as that, there have been many changes to Ask Will Online with the obvious being the new design (don’t worry, I will go through all of the others too). However, if I could pick out a few of the biggest successors of November, I would say it was the Adsense earning, blogging job and again, an increase in traffic. As well as that, Google Analytics has had a remake! So, all my stats will look different in the images.

Ask Will Online’s Stats (From Google Analytics) November 1st – December 1st
Visits – 10,089
If you can remember last month, I managed to achieve 7,000+ visits and wanted to consistently gain around 2,000 more visits a month. I’m proud to say I have achieved my own goal and exceeded it by 1,000. This does worry me in some way as I feel maybe this consistent traffic increase is due to Christmas getting closer by the day. Although, in my defence, the articles with the most traffic are:

As you can see, these articles don’t look to be articles that would gain traffic towards the holiday season. In other words, these are articles that are not killed by time.

Again, my bounce rate has increase which is never good. This month has had big changes for me with the main being the design.
What I have found is that the stats that matter most such as traffic and Adsense CTR have increased. A low bounce rate is always seen to be good. However, it hasn’t halted the success of Ask Will Online yet so why should I care much about it?
Pageviews 14,328 therefore average pageviews per visit is 1.42
This is the highest pageviews I ever had in a month. However, like last month, there is a significant difference in Blogger stats and Analytics of around 5,000! Check out the number of pageviews Blogger is telling me below:
19,000. Just under 5,000. Google, you need to make your stats more consistent! That’s such a huge gap between two of your most used programs! You may want to see the article:

Well, my theory why Google Analytics stats are always lower than Blogger’s or WordPress’s stats.

Traffic Sources

As I said last month, because search engine traffic is over 85% of all my traffic, it will be the only one I analyse. Last month it was 85% and now it’s nearly 89%! That’s great as the more the organic the traffic is the better! What I found weird was the traffic from campaigns. I currently have £50 advertising credit on Ad Dynamo therefore using the money towards a campaign for Ask Will Online. However, it has produced a lot more traffic than just 6 visits? Never mind, if it’s not having an impact in any way it’s not worth spending the time thinking about it.
Search Engine Traffic

The stats for search engine traffic has stayed pretty consistent from last month. The bounce rate has decrease by 0.15% which is nothing really. What I am pleased about is the time people are spending on my website. It was 57 seconds each last month. It is now 1 minute 1 second (a 4 second increase). That might not sound like much but you think of it in this way:
  • October saw 6,090 visits from search engines with each being on average on Ask Will Online for 57 seconds. The total time therefore is 5,786 minutes people spent on average on my website.
  • November saw 8,972 visits with on average each person spending 61 seconds on my site. The total time therefore is 9,121 minutes! That’s close to twice as long as last month!

Even if visits stayed the same this month and had been 6,090, the extra 4 seconds each person was spending would have mean all together, people would have spent 406 minutes extra (6 hours 45 mins!). It shows what four seconds can do alot to your stats!

Adsense (Have a look at the end of this article to see the email they sent me)
Adsense has been another successful month with another payment coming through of £65.74 (which was all spent on Christmas presents for others!). It was an on-off month for Adsense because at the start of November I had removed Adsense to try and switch to BuySellAds (Link takes you to my Ask Will Online’s page on BuySellAds). However, Adsense was making far more money for me than BuySellAds was. Due to this, I enabled Adsense half way through the month. This means:
  • If you look at the CTR for the whole month, it was 0.43%
  • CTR for the time Adsense was on Ask Will Online was 0.50%

With an average click equalling £0.47, Adsense has been doing well for me.

As well as blogging on Ask Will Online, I managed to get a blogging job working at ppc.org writing about pay per click management etc…Wow, was I excited on the good news! 
I have thoroughly enjoyed working for ppc.org and look forward to the future with them: they have a strong future with excellent bloggers writing high quality posts. Click here if you want to my articles on ppc.org.

Little cheeky advertising 😉 If you use Google AdWords or any other PPC service, I would highly reccomend you use ppc.org as a source of PPC help from expert bloggers. Your results in your PPC campaign will change dramtically for the better.

Google Adsense emailing me of a payment coming through. Boy, I was happy that day.
Love how they make the writing green as it’s a healthy positive colour 🙂
I hope this proved interesting and useful to you! Be sure to keep up to date with Ask Will Online and my monthly articles on stats 🙂

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