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September 2011 – ask will online’s Stats from Google Analytics – BOOM In Traffic

This month has turned out to become a very surprising month for ask will online and stats. Overall, I can sum up September as being a success but there are a few statistics that are getting worse. August turned out to be a averagely good month, how much better will September turn out to be in comparison to August? Let’s find out now!

ask will online’s Stats (from Google Analytics) September 1st – October 1st

Visits – 5,358
This a huge increase by around 2,000 compared to last month! My only explanation for this is that students have gone back to school and are using the schooling side of ask will online as subject help. I spoke about last month consistency. I gained that last month and have increase by 2,000 visits this month. Perfect!

Again, my bounce rate has increase from 81% to 83% which is always not good. It always seems to be on the increase and is unstoppable. Last month I made some vast changes to ask will online being:

  • Looked at what articles bring in most traffic (top ten) and litter them with internal links.
  • Changed the look of ask will online: make it look a lot cleaner so landing pages look better.

These changes although I feel have had a positive effect to ask will online hasn’t solved the bounce rate. Therefore, this month, I will try to increase internal links on any given page on ask will online.

Pageviews 7,452 and therefore average pageviews per visitor is 1.39
I’m pretty disappointed that pageviews per visitors has decrease from 1.53. On the other hand, my pageviews have increase by 2,000 in a month! However, I don’t see this figure close enough to the truth. Blogger stats claim I have already reached the 10,000+ mark which is amazing. I don’t know who to believe so I guess I’ll settle in the middle at 8,500! You may thing blogger stats is higher because I track my pageviews but i haven’t since I started ask will online.

Traffic Sources

These stats again make me smile. They have stayed pretty constant except for search engine (organic traffic) which has increase from 81% to 83%. As organic traffic is the most natural consistent traffic, I am glad has increased.

Search Engine Traffic
Because direct traffic and referring traffic only add up to 16% of my traffic, I see their stats not as influential as search engine traffic therefore I won’t analyse them. However, I will analyse the organic traffic.

My main concern here is the pages/visits. As I have said before, increasing pages/visit will significantly increase traffic. If I had 1.53 pages/visit, my pageviews would increase by over 1,200! My pages/visits has potential.

Adsense has been a good month with CTR at 0.70%. However, because my average cost per click has increased again, my earnings have doubled! It was £0.41 in the month of August and is now £0.55!

I hope this proved interesting and useful to you! Be sure to keep up to date with ask will online and my monthly articles on stats 🙂


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