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What Time Should Advertising Be Introduced to a Blog

This question has been asked by so many bloggers, especially new bloggers. When is the right time to monetize my blog? Am I producing enough traffic to actually start making money? What will happen if I introduce adverts later on in my blog’s life? Well friend, all questions will be answered here. Timing of monetizing a blog is a big decision which every blogger will sooner or later have to take. Let’s make sure you take the right choice.

Firstly, let’s look at the options and the benefits each option has:

Wait until you have traffic and a respectable audience before you put adverts on your blog

  • Encourages positive growth – Adverts are known to decrease bounce rate and other statistics which are bad for your blog. Your blog in the early days will grow faster without adverts than with.
  • Tells visitors your not blogging for money – Having no adverts in the early life tells readers an anyone who visits your blog that you are blogging for the enjoyment of it making you seem more appealing to visitors.
  • Promotes branding – You will find blogs with adverts find it more difficult to adopt a theme due to adverts being wrong colours if image adverts or animated and can ruin the design of your. Having no adverts lets you focus more on the whole branding and design of your blog so that when adverts so come to your blog you will have it all figured out where they will go etc..

Place adverts on your blog immediately 

  • Start making money! – Yes, it is pretty obvious but having them on your blog as soon as created will give you the opportunity to stat making money. You will find people saying ‘oh you will get no traffic though, only put adverts on once you start getting traffic’. For those people, if the point at which you put adverts on is let’s say 10,000 pageviews a month, if you had been generating 5,000 pageviews per month for a year and never put adverts on, that’s 60,000 pageviews without adverts. 60,000 page impressions and if your CTR was 1% that’s 600 advert clicks! Now let’s say each click was worth 30p, that’s £180 you lost out to. It’s a lot isn’t it?
  • Get your visitors use to adverts – Starting with adverts on your blog will get anyone visiting your blog use to the fact you have adverts on your. If you had decided to put adverts later on when you started getting traffic, this could cause your visitors to get angry and possibly stop viewing your blog.
  • Makes you optimum amount money – Placing adverts early on will help you learn the market of Adsense or advertising, which will help you understand where the best areas to place adverts, how many adverts to place, what type of adverts (text or image), what size and so on. For this, you would rather do it as soon as possible as changing adverts while you have little traffic won’t affect earnings as much as if you changed and experimented with adverts later on.
  • Will make you feel better – You may be thinking ‘what? Makes you feel better?’ Yes it does. Placing adverts later on gives many bloggers the sense of guilt that they are only placing adverts on their blog to make money. They feel ashamed to almost ‘use’ the visitors to make money. By placing them early on will remove this guilt feeling as you haven’t suddenly changed your blog to make money as you have always been doing it.

Ultimately, the choice is down to you. Weigh up the two options and look at your blog and see what is best for your blog: not what is best for you. Every blog is different therefore some blogs may prefer to add adverts later than others which would add the early on. Personally, I am split 50/50. I like the advantages of having adverts straight away but I also like not having them straight away.


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