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Hi! I’m Will and I created a passive 5 figure passive income, within 5 years, through SEO and an effective blogging strategy. I share my incites exclusively on Ask Will Online.
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October 2011 – Ask Will Online Stats From Google Analytics – BuySellAds Approved

Back again at the start of the month to supply you the latest statistics of Ask Will Online. Here, my traffic, bounce rate, traffic sources and more will be revealed like normal. As well as that, I have found a new way to make money online with your blog, BuySellAds.com of which I have been approved. This is a big step for Ask Will Online as I have officially moved my source of making money online from Adsense to BuySellAds.

Ask Will Online’s Stats (from Google Analytics) September 1st – October 1st
Visits – 7,135
Last month, I spoke how important it is to have consistency in traffic. On average, my traffic has been increasing by 2,000 visitors every month and this month is no exception. 7,000 visitors remembering Ask Will Online started in January 2011. It’s incredible.

My bounce rate has also increased from 83% to 84% which is never good. However, I have decided to make some changed to try and decrease this:

  • Get rid of all Adsense adverts – Adsense can be seen to increase the bounce rate of blogs therefore by getting rid of it may encourage more internal clicks to be clicked.
  • Optimized internal links – There will be more quality contextual internal links scattered around my articles to help make people stay on Ask Will Online.

We will only truly see the results of the above in the next edition of my stats for November.

Pageviews 9,982 and therefore average pageviews per visitor is 1.40
This is another increase of 2,000 from last month which is always nice to see. However, Blogger stats claims again I have reached the 13,000 milestone. This is a huge 4,000 pageviews difference which shows that either Blogger stats or Google Analytics are inaccurate. I just hope it’s not Blogger stats!

Traffic Sources

I see traffic in a way where the higher the search engine traffic the better. Search engine traffic is the most healthiest form of traffic because it is the number source of new visitors and provides a varied form of traffic which direct or referral traffic can’t provide. 85% search engine traffic is just great!

Search Engine Traffic
It is clear that the traffic from Google contribute to the high bounce rate being 87%. It also appears traffic from ‘search’ has the best type of traffic with a low 75% bounce rate. Either way, I’m glad I have 85% of my traffic come to me organically from search engines.

Again, my pages/visits is below average at 1.25. Apart from that and the bounce rate, the stats are not too bad. Again, at least it’s traffic and 85% organic!

I am due a payment in from Adsense of around £68 which is always nice. My monthly earnings before from Adsense would be about £17 which is good but I have worked out that from the ad zones I have on BuySellAds, if they are all sold out, that would be $40/month beating any potential earnings Adsense could have earned me. As well as that, the money would be consistently flowing in: I will know I’m guaranteed $40 a month where Adsense is unpredictable. Now, I just have to sell the ad zones!

I hope this proved interesting and useful to you! Be sure to keep up to date with Ask Will Online and my monthly articles on stats 🙂



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