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Blogging is like an Airport – First Blog Post on a Plane?

You will know that the plane journey to Orlando Florida takes a whopping 9 hours (and 7 hours back with the wind). What have I got to entertain myself for 9 hours? I don’t usually sleep on planes and have no movies to watch on my iPad. Therefore, blog posting is the easiest way for me to get rid of the huge amount of time I have flying. And already from being half way across the Atlantic ocean and its mysteries, and I have learned quite a lot about blogging: it’s a lot more complex than you think…

Entering Gatwick station was a big shock for me. The last time I was at an airport was last summer in Stansted, where I flew to Monaco. The different types of people absolutely surprised me: there were walks from all types of life from the four corners of the world. I would see a family of Americans then a few Italian businessmen rushing past an enthusiastic Chinese couple looking forward to the start of their holiday.

But what can we learn from this?

Blogging is exactly like an airport. From viewing your blog’s stats be it on Blogger, WordPress, or Google Analytics, all sorts of people visit your blog from all around the world just like people do for airports. As a blogger, I never took that into account the wideness of my audience and I’m sure you didn’t too.

So what should you do?

There is a simple solution: learn and understand your audience. Adapt your blog posts to your audience. For example, a blogger such as myself from England shouldn’t write posts about ‘English’ topics if most of my traffic comes from other countries. Be universal.

And with that, I will attempt to go to sleep on this 6 hour left plane journey to Orlando. The company we have rented a car states we will get a Dodge Charger or something like that. It will be interesting what car we will get…


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