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Hi! I’m Will and I created a passive 5 figure passive income, within 5 years, through SEO and an effective blogging strategy. I share my incites exclusively on Ask Will Online.
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Why Time Kills Blog Posts Traffic

All over the internet, whatever the website is about, will have either one of two types of blog posts: news updated posts or not. A news updated post will come from the likes of BBC, Sky News, Apple Insider basically websites which blog about news today. A non-news updated post will have no time basis and can be read in exactly the same way and have the same understanding and influence 50 years on from the day it was published. If your not already hinting it, it is always better to try and make non-updated posts. Here, in more detail, is why.

If you need better understanding, check out my about page where I say:
Blogging has opened up my perspective on what’s possible: the sky is really not the limit. I always have a thought every time a blog:

That article I just created will stay on the internet forever”

If this article was a….

News Updated Post

  • The content of the article will be only relevant for a period of time. After that, it will become useless losing traffic as time goes.
  • It will decrease your overall stats as unrelated content is bad for your blog in nearly every single way.

Non-News Updated Post

  • The content will be relevant for eternity providing consistently high levels of traffic for, in theory, for ever.
  • Will help increase stats as if the content helped the reader, they will look around your site for more useful content.
  • Isn’t time constrained in any time.

You get so many bloggers now a days telling you that to get more traffic you should increase SEO, rank top at Google and make landing pages look better when in actual fact a simply decision before you blog can keep the traffic rolling in…right into the far future.

Let me put it to you this way – would you rather have petrol or sonar power as a source of energy for 2000 years? The petrol may give you more electricity that sonar in the first 50 years but it will run out just like the traffic will for a news updated article. For the future of your blog, don’t place any time frame around your posts. Time in blog posts kills traffic.


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