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What Colour to Make Links on Your Blog/Website

One of the most important decision a blogger will have to do is to decide what colour their links should appear on their blog/website. There are many options you can go down which I will go through in this article. Different colours have different meanings to the average internet user. Did you know around 8% of the world is colour blind is some sort of way? That means you could be automatically running at a 92% capacity for traffic, bounce rate, exit rate, CTR and more. Don’t worry: a few simple tips in this article will get you back up to 100%.

There are many different factors involved in what colour you should make your links on your website. However, there is one main rule you must stick to at all times no matter what colour you use:

Stick to ONE Colour Only 

Many bloggers make the mistake in making different parts of there blog have different colours for their links. For example, your blog post title may be blue, while your sidebar link is black. This as well as making your blog look less appealing will increase the chances of visitors getting confused over what is a link and what isn’t. That split second of hesitation is all it takes for the visitor to not click on the link and move to a different part of the internet.

As well as preventing confusion and a loss of traffic, it can also increase the amount of money you make from programs such as Google Adsense. For those that blend their adverts in with their blog’s theme will use the same colour links in their adverts as their blog. Having the same colour adverts and links will encourage users to click on your adverts as they believe it is part of the blog and are placed there to benefit them.

You want to make your blog as easy to use for anyone who is not familiar with your blog. Therefore, it is vital for every link no matter where it is on your blog is the same colour.

Back onto the subject of colour blindness, it is believed that around 8% of the world population are in fact colour blind. This does not mean they see everything black and white: it merely means 8% of people find it difficult identifying colours. The most common form of colour blindness is red-green colour blindness where the individual finds it difficult to identify red, green, greeny-yellow and brown.

What Does this Mean for My Blog’s Link Colour?
It just means to attain the 100% capacity, avoid any of the colours (red, green, yellow or brown) especially green. I have a friend which is cannot see anything green on a white background which would be terrible for your blog as my friend would not be able to click on any links because she would not be able to see them!

My advice would to stick to the default Adsense colours as much as possible which blue being the link colour. Over 70% of all websites use blue as their link colour and we all know it’s ‘difficult to swim up stream). So swim downstream and join the 70% of websites!


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