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Colours of Adsense – What Different Colours Mean and Tell the Average Web Surfer

Google Adsense is a delicate program which needs to have the ‘perfect’ set up to produce the best results. This can be from placement of adverts to type of adverts. Another is the colour of adverts which can be seen as one of the most important factors to success in Adsense. A blogger needs to get the right colour blend or contrast to achieve the best results. However, getting this balance of colour in Adsense ads can be harder than you think.

Colours of Adsense

From what Google have already said, there are two different colour blends you can do:

  • Contrast – adverts that have opposite colours to the webpage. For example, a black webpage would have contrasting white adverts.
  • Blend – adverts that ‘blend’ in the webpage to make the adverts seem not as ‘adverty’. For example, a white webpage would have white adverts.

There is a third option being ‘Complementary’ however I feel you should stay away from this colour arrangement because from my experiences and the experiences of others, no-one I know has had any success with complementary adverts.

So, What do Different Colours Mean?

Here are a list of most colours with a definition of what they represent and how this could affect your Adsense experience if you use that colour with your adverts:

  • Black – black is the colour of dominance, authority and power. It also the colour of submission (e.g. Priests wear black) and is the colour of fashion as black apparently makes people appear thinner. Therefore, use black on fashion blogs or blogs involved with clothes or blogs where you want your ads to show a lot of power and dominance.
  • White  – white is the colour of purity and sterility. It goes with everything as it’s a neutral colour. You can therefore use white with most blogs and adverts.
  • Red red is the most emotional colour and also stimulates faster breathing and an increase in heart rate. For these reasons, red would be perfect on blogs where emotions are involved or blogs which have a little fear/danger to their theme.
  • Blue – blue is the complete opposite to red in the way it is tranquil and peaceful. It is also the colour of loyalty which would work if you have many subscribers on your website. As well as that, blue is the colour of the traditional stereotypical link therefore it makes sense to make the adverts hint towards blue.
  • Green – green is the colour of nature and is also a peaceful colour. It is said those who are just about to appear on TV sit in green rooms to relax. If your blog heads towards nature or has a peaceful essence about it, green is the way to go.
  • Yellow – yellow is considered an optimistic colour. However, studies show people lose their temper more in yellow rooms and babies cry more. It is an overpowering colour as yellow is difficult for the eyes to take in. Yellow enhances concentration and speeds up the metabolism. Because yellow is overpowering, it may not be a good idea to use yellow at all as it will make it hard to see the adverts.
  • Purple – purple is the colour of royalty, luxury, wealth and sophistication. It is also romantic and feminine but because purple is rarely seen in nature, it is seen as a artificial colour. You shouldn’t use purple if you are trying to blend your adverts due to the fact it is seen as artificial therefore easy to figure out it is not part of the webpage.
  • Brown – brown is the colour of Earth and is abundance in nature. Men are more likely to say their favourite colour is brown therefore if your reader base is more towards men, make your adverts brown.

So there we are, the colours of the rainbow and how they are seen by us. I don’t want to say I’m right about above because I’m not. The above can be seen as starting blocks to finding the best colour scheme for your Adsense ads. Experimenting with different colours will show your what colours optimize your Adsense experience.


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