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Changing Ad Categories In Adsense Will Improve CTR

There are so many articles on the internet about how you as an Adsense publisher can increase your CTR (Click Through Rate) and therefore your earnings. I find though these articles are very general and don’t focus enough of individuals as a whole. For example, an article that says blend colours in adsense adverts might not work for others. However, what I will share with you now will work for all and already my CTR has increased by 360% I am not joking.

From this, I have learnt you really have to understand Adsense properly to optimize your CTR to it’s full potential. Firstly go into Google Adsense and then click on “Allow & Block ads”. This will bring you to a screen similar to this:

Here you will be able to see under Blocking options the option General Categories, click edit to the right.

Be it from Adsense Content, Feeds, Domain or Mobile, you can see what categories are performing best for you. This works wonders for your CTR because:

  • You can block the categories that are generating low percentage income.
  • Block the categories that have high percentage of total impressions with low income.
  • Block irrelevant categories.
  • Basically only allow the categories with high CTR and block the categories with low CTR.

You might have to click or zoom in on the above image to see that stats but as you can see, I have blocked three categories:

  • Baby Care & Hygiene – It is unrelated to any of my websites therefore I should block it (3rd bullet point from above).
  • Home and Garden – This category has 1.7% of all my impressions and no CTR. Therefore, it makes sense to block it (1st and 2nd bullet point from above).
  • Real Estate – Again, it has 0.2% of all impressions and 0% of income.

You have to make a few decisions when blocking categories because Google Adsense will only let you block 50 categories. This is why some categories such as Beauty & Personal Care are not blocked as they have too many categories to be blocked. What you need to ask yourself when blocking ad categories is:

  • Will I lose income if I block this category? NO
  • Will I increase CTR and income from blocking this category? YES
  • Is this category relevant to my website or feed in any way? NO
  • Is it worth blocking considering how big the category is? YES

From the BOLD answers to the right of the questions, if you can honestly answer all of the above questions with the answers I provided, you should block that category. Otherwise, I would keep it or maybe block a few sub categories within the category by clicking on the category.



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