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10 Best Essential Blogger Gadgets/Widgets For Your Blog

Any blog that uses blogger has to have a few essential gadgets that are must haves. They could make you money, increase revenue and keep bringing people back to your blog. Any new blogger will find it extremely difficult deciding what gadgets/widgets they should place on their website. Even I still can’t really decide because there are so many gadgets to choose from! Therefore, these are the main gadgets you, as a new or old blogger, should have on your blog.

Before, you do anything, you must know what type of people you are trying to target, whether that’s people from other countries, ‘geeks’, the average man, or someone interested in sports. Whatever it is, know your target audience. After each gadget, I’ll tell you what audience this gadget is mostly aimed at: (in no particular order)

  1. Include Social bookmark buttons Aimed at every blog – Everyone socializes, whether its Twitter, Facebook, MySpace or Google Friends. These gadgets are so helpful in getting visitors to come back to your website. It’s really a must have.
  2. Include Subscriptions such as RSSAimed at every blog – Getting people subscribed to your blog will once again make visitors come back to your blog and as you can put adverts on a RSS channel, it could make you money too!
  3. Google Translate – Aimed at different speaking visitors – This tool is a must have if your aiming at a wide audience. Google Translate will translate the content on you blog to any language, making it compatible with the whole world.
  4. Google Adsense AdvertsAimed at every blog – A great way to make money online. A simple gadget with the ability to change the size and colours of the adverts, then start earning money!
  5.  Recent posts – Aimed at every blog – To get visitors to stay on your blog, let them see what other posts you have submitted. Customizable and easy to navigate gadget.
  6. Author info gadget – Aimed at blogs that post regularly – People like to know who’s website they are visiting, so tell them! Can be placed at the end of every blog post.
  7. Pages – Aimed at every blog – This goes without saying, stand alone pages are essential for things like ‘Contact us’ and ‘About’. 
  8. Google Search – Aimed at blog with lots of posts/content – You won’t be able to always show EVERY post on your blog, therefore provide a search button so visitors can search for posts they can’t see.
  9. Fox widget – Aimed at every blog that provides help or information – This is such a useful widget, place it at the end of every post and it lets visitors thank the blogger for the page (scroll down, I have it!) Click here to add it to your blog.
  10. A text box – Aimed at every blog – Give visitors a welcome message to make them feel at home! Say thank you for visiting your blog and have a look around!

If you place at least 4 of the above on your blog, it will make it look more professional, appealing and will increase traffic to your blog and even monetize it! Good luck!



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