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Quantity vs Quality – What Should You Aim for as a Blogger?

It is important to consider what is more significant to your blog. Quantity of articles will no doubt increase traffic but if they are lacking in poor quality, can reduce the benefits. Quality will encourage readers to subscribe and decrease bounce rate but at the same time will not increase traffic dramtically. Every blogger will have asked the question ‘Should I make as many articles as possible or just create a high quality article every now and then?’ This article will help you to answer that question.

The first thing you have to understand is that quantity vs quality depends entirely on your age and type of blog. Of course, quality is always preferred however there should be a balance between quantity and quality.

Posts that are mass created will work wonders with increasing traffic. The simple theory is the most posts you have on your site, the more posts a web surfer can read. However, quantity posts lack quality which can result in a high bounce rate for your site and increase the chances your website of having a bad reputation.

Quality posts are no doubt the way to go. They have high amounts of keywords which helps with SEO, decreases bounce rate and encourages users to subscribe to your blog as you are telling them ‘this post is high quality so subscribe to me to receive high quality posts in future’

Although it does look as if I am heading towards quality posts, don’t rule out quantity at all. The best blogs/websites have both quantity and quality. There is a market for readers wanting mass amounts of posts and there are people that desire high quality posts. So please them both and produce articles both of quantity and quality.


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