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Running Multi Authors Blog: The Good or Bad

While we all go about writing for and promoting our own blog, an idea that can make for an interesting business opportunity is a multi-author blog. There are both pros and cons to the initiative. Do a comparative analysis for yourself and join in if the pros outweigh the cons for you. Let’s dwell on this further.

The Pros

1. Diversity in content
You get an amalgamation of expertise of a diverse set of people.Network with people to get good bloggers to write for you. As the blog becomes popular convincing people to write a guest post is not difficult at all. In fact, people request you to allow them the opportunity. In return the writers get free publicity for their personal blog. This translates into a win-win opportunity for you and the blogger.

2. Excellence in quality
You get to opt for the services of the best of the bloggers. It is your blog that turns out to be the eventual winner with the quality of its content. The content attracts a steady stream of visitors which in turn can be a money spinner for you in terms of revenues that you generate through ads.

3. Promotional efforts get a fillip
It is for you to promote your blog through various means but beyond this too there is help at hand. All the bloggers that write for you promote their post among friends and acquaintances. The content may be theirs but eventually it is your blog that gets the hits. Interested readers come back again, drawn by the richness of the content.

4. Success in initial stages not hard to come by
Getting the hits would not be a problem even when you have just begun. Your authors get you the traffic. Your promotional activities on social media only add to that. Such blogs have higher success rates as not just you but several other people work towards increasing the number of hits for the blog. 

5. Clarity on expenditure involved
Such a blog is meant to be a business venture. Costs for blog hosting as the number of readers increase is accounted for before the venture is undertaken. This ensures that you are not caught unawares but are only waiting to take the next step as and when it is needed.

The Cons

1. Requires your attention as a full time business
The promotional activities, collaboration with authors, editing and publishing content consume your time. As you put in your money, it is only expected that you give your time as well.

2. Calls for a financial commitment
A personal blog can do with free hosting or a shared web hosting. In case of a multi-author blog the stakes are higher. If not a dedicated server, a virtual private server is certainly required. In addition, you need to compensate your authors for the work they do for you.

Diligence and tactfulness are essential for success in every business domain. The same holds true for a multi-author blog. The effort needed is on the lines of the work that you put in for any entrepreneurial venture to turn successful. Do not be fooled in by the ideas of a perfect set up. Perseverance is rewarded nonetheless. Do the needful to build a success story like many others in the field.

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