Google Adsense Alternatives and Pay per click advertising – My Story

When I heard that you can make money online through advertisement, I was in shock like it seems so easy to do and can make you some serious money and I mean serious! And I’ll tell you now that I have used all of the pay per click programs from adsense to adBrite to ad:Dynamo to chitika!

I came across a thing we all know to be ‘Google Adsense’ and let me tell you I have had the worst experience with them ever.

So, to do Adsense, you need a website, which I have. I had good traffic that could make me a nice little some. I had all I need to be successful. 

But, then my account got banned saying I had basically ‘clicked on my own ads to make me money’. I knew it was illegal which was why I NEVER dared to do it. What I think happened was click fraud, where viewers of my website continuously clicked on adverts to get my site banned from Adsense. Great! So now what?

Well, appealing with Google to re-open your account is pointless. They have never replied to me ever after 5 months. What a great help they seem to be..

With Adsense not an option any more, I searched around for other alternatives to adsense and came across ad:Dynamo which was exactly what I needed. As I live in the UK, I had to find another alternative to adsense that would pay out in British sterling pounds as I have heard that the exchange rate for cheque from dollars to pounds cost QUITE A LOT!

So I ‘set sail’ on my new mission, positive to make the same amount of money when ….
I saw I had 12 clicks from the first day, and only made 22p. 22p! Are you serious! Like every click on adsense was at least 30p if not more! I was so gutted and angry so I left them straight away. It turns out ad:Dynamo only give higher pay outs to south africans that click on it as ad:Dynamo are based in south africa. Bit silly really, so I left without further involvement with them.

Next pit stop well from my point of view there wasn’t one. All UK pay per click advertising was worst than ad:Dynamo, so I had to unfortunately go with an american advertising company called adBrite. These seemed quite good, with a different range of sizes for adverts. So I placed the advert on my website to find that the only advert to ever appear on my website was a flash advert with a huge button saying ‘Ultra fast download click here’. Great, just great. This was when I was so close to giving up…

Once again, I went on a quest again to find another actual GOOD pay per click advertising company. I found chitika. Just like adBrite, they were american and only gave cheques out in US Dollars. But, the rave is that they base the adverts on what my viewers search for. So, if they search for adsense and came to this post, the adverts would be adsense related. If they search for chocolate and somehow came to this post, the ads would be chocolate related which is genius. My eCPM has driven sky high and once again making a tidy profit.

However, nothing beats adsense like seriously, the range of ads adsense offers cannot be beaten. But, if you are interested, there are many ways you can still make money online.


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