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Can Click Fraud be Stopped?

For anyone that uses a pay per click program such as Google Adsense must know what click fraud is before they start showing contextual adverts on their websites. Failing to know what click fraud is could lead your PPC account into getting banned for life which for so many Google Adsense Publishers is a reality. Click Fraud is the PPC programs worst nightmare, especially how research shows 20% of all clicks are fraud.

So What Exactly is Click Fraud?
PPC programs work by displaying adverts on a site. Every time the advert gets clicked, the advertiser pays the PPC program which the PPC programs gives around 60% of the money to the publisher who let the advert be displayed on their site. Click fraud is when adverts are illegitimately clicked to increase revenue from adverts.

Who is Causing Click Fraud?
In theory, anyone who has access to the internet can click fraud unfortunately. However, you will find the owners of the website and their friends clicking on their own adverts to help themselves make money faster. This is why security has cracked down on programs such as Adsense. They track the IP address from where the clicks came from and the timing of the clicks to determine if the click was legit or not.

How Can it Be Stopped?
Click fraud can not be stopped. It’s like stopping people from completely doing drugs. However, it can be decreased by you not doing it. The best way to stop click fraud is to not do it. It really is that simple.



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