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Hi! I’m Will and I created a passive 5 figure passive income, within 5 years, through SEO and an effective blogging strategy. I share my incites exclusively on Ask Will Online.
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4 Great Tips To Make Money With BuySellAds

BuySellAds is unlike the other forms of online monetization such as Adsense in the sense that you have much more control over the ad sizes, pricing and more. What sets BuySellAds apart from competitors for for PPC and in-text advertising is that you have complete control over monetizing your website without spending huge amounts of time on it. However, you will need to spend a bit of time setting up your BuySellAds profile so that you can then leave it and watch the advertisers buy your advertising spaces.

I did create an article explaining a few of the reasons why you may not have been selling your ad units on BuySellAds. However, I made that article ages ago and I think it’s only sensible to do an in-depth update to the topic. Below are four tips you can use with BuySellAds to help you make money with them and banner advertising.

#1 Don’t Price Your Adverts Too High

This is the number one problem with advertisers. They feel that their website is of the highest quality and therefore deserves a premium price. Unfortunately, BuySellAds does not work like this. When you are first using BuySellAds, make sure you get advertisers before you adopt high prices. Take Ask Will Online for example (I will refer to my website as an example because many of the tips below are because of my experience!). At the moment of writing this article, I have around 30,000 monthly impressions. This is a good number which could probably get around $20 asking price for a 125×125 sidebar advert. However, it will take ages for them to sell. Therefore, instead, I made them as cheap as possible at $10. I now have three advertisers renewing their ad spots.

Lots of advertisers at a cheap price makes more money than few advertisers at expensive price (that is if you get any advertisers at all).

Therefore, the first tip is to make sure you are underpricing your adverts. If you have too much demand for your adverts then, you can then look to increase their prices to match the demand.

#2 Include As Many Statistics As Possible For Advertisers To See

Transparency is a great trait to have with a website. I have it with Ask Will Online because I publish my stats every month for the online world to see. If you don’t publish your stats on BuySellAds, the advertisers get suspicious why you haven’t let them see them (they must be bad if they can’t see them). In the past, BuySellAds was able to let you show your Compete rank, Alexa rank and more. Now, the only stats you can show alongside the amount of impressions you get is your total number of RSS subscribers, Twitter followers and Facebook likes. I highly recommend you include all three statistics even if they are not good – you want the advertiser to know as much about your website as possible because from doing this, they will gain a more transparent and trustworthy view of your website.

#3 Use Only BuySellAds To Monetize Your Website

I know it will be difficult for publishers to do this but, from recent experiments with Ask Will Online, I have found that a website with just BuySellAds on it (and not anything else like Adsense) will gain more advertisers. This is advertiser know that if they buy an advertising unit on that site, they will have absolute priority and won’t have to be worrying about competing against other adverts on other advertising platforms.  The only problem is that if you don’t have any advertisers with BuySellAds, your website won’t be making any money at all. Therefore, I recommend that you carrying on using Adsense or Infolinks or whatever platform you use to monetize your site. But, promise your advertisers in the description that if they buy your advert, all other advertising units from other platforms will be removed maximising the performance of their advert.

#4 Write A Compelling Description

The description of your website in BuySellAds can be deemed the ‘make or break’ part of gaining an advertiser or not. Basically, you have to try and show off your website without boasting too much. To look in more detail about how to create a good advert, click here. Below is the advert I have used for Ask Will Online on BuySellAds:

Ask Will Online is primarily a website full of topics to help students with their studies. As well as this, Ask Will Online has help for bloggers on Adsense, increasing traffic, PPC programs, Twitter and more. We gain the majority of our traffic from England and America with search engine traffic totalling 88% of all traffic. This consequently means that a lot of new visitors will see your advert. As well as all this, Ask Will Online donates a proportion of its earnings to Teenage Cancer Trust and Dementia research. Therefore, your money will also be going to great causes.

The first sentence states exactly what Ask Will Online is about with the next sentence going into a bit more detail. I explain a benefit to the advertiser of advertising on Ask Will Online that the website gets alot of new visitors. As well as this, another benefit to advertise with Ask Will Online is that it donates a portion of its earnings to charity. Try and give the advertiser as many reasons to advertise on your site in the description as possible.

If you have any more tips to getting advertisers to be your units, feel free to comment below and share.



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