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Why You Haven’t Sold Adverts on BuySellAds.com

BuySellAds.com is one of the largest market place for advertisers to buy advertising space, tweets and more off of bloggers at good rates. Most bloggers with high enough traffic will strive to get accepted by BuySellAds and once they are accepted, will want to sell out their advertising space as quick as possible. This may be easy for the blogger publisher to do if he creates ad sizes that are extremely big at a little cost to the advertiser (e.g. 300×250 advert for $10). However, many bloggers will find when using BuySellAds that they don’t sell adverts at all. Well, here’s a few reasons maybe why…

  • You Haven’t Yet Reached 10,000 views/month – This is an important milestone when using BuySellAds because once you reach and go past 10,000 views monthly, you get viewed and accepted onto BuySellAds marketplace which thousands of potential advertisers can see. Lower than 10,000 views/month will mean the only way people may buy ad space from you is through seeing the advertising space for sale on your blog or if you contact advertisers directly.
  • Your Ad Space is Too Expensive – Just like with any product in a store, pricing it expensive will put people straight off it losing sales. Same applies with BuySellAds. A good rule is to always start low with your ads, get the advertisers buying your ads, then slowly increase the price to what you think is respectable.
  • Your Ad Space Is Not A Regular Size – You can create ad space in any size. However, advertisers usually like working in common sizes such as 125×125, 468×68 and 300×250. If you want to be most compatible with ad sizes of advertisers, make your adverts 125×125 pixels high and wide as this is the most used size on BuySellAds.
  • You Haven’t Displayed Enough Stats About Your Blog – You have the option to show your Alexa rank, Compete rank, Pagerank, number of inbound links, Delicious bookmarks, RSS subscribers, Twitter followers, Facebook fans and SEOmoz Domain authority. Showing not enough of these stats on BuySellAds gives the impression to advertisers you may be hiding an embarrassing stat drawing them away from your website.
  • You Haven’t Made A Good Description – The first thing advertisers will see and read is the description of your blog. They need to know if what they are trying to promote is related to what your website is about. Making it difficult for advertisers to interpret what your website is about again draws them away.
  • You Haven’t Marketed Your Website At All Well – With BuySellAds, you have the ability to choose the channel (or category you want to place your blog in) and keywords. Placing your website in the wrong channel or ‘category’ will of course lose chances of your blog selling it’s ad space. The same applies for having unrelated keywords.
  • You Haven’t Uploaded Pictures of Your Blog – You are allowed to upload a screenshot of your website at 640×480, an icon (being the logo) at 48×48 and another icon (being the favicon) at 16×16. You must upload pictures all respective of their sizes so the advertiser can see without ever visiting your blog what it and your logo looks like. This makes it more convenient for the advertiser to buy ad space from you.

There you have it, some of the top reasons why people don’t sell ad space when using BuySellAds. Many bloggers find that the hard part is to get accepted by BuySellAds in the first place. However, once you are accepted, you will realise that getting accepted is easy compared to getting advertisers to buy your ad space.



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