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[How to] Create a Good BuySellAds Description

BuySellAds has become one of the top ways to monetize a website from the way you can easily sell banner advertisement space quickly and easy. I find that I am constantly wondering how to sell any ad zones I have to offer that haven’t been bought yet. Am I charging the price too high? Is the ad size too small? There are many reasons why you have not sold adverts through BuySellAds.com. The main reason being you have not made a good description. A description tells the advertiser a lot about a website. Actually, everything! That’s why it is important to optimize your description/website bio to make your advertiser want to advertise on your site.

First, Tell the Advertiser What Your Website is
In the first sentence, make clear exactly what your website is. I will relate to my BuySellAds page throughout this article. My first sentence is… Ask Will Online is a website based on Blogging and Twitter tips as well as revision material for students.’ From that, the advertiser will know exactly what Ask Will Online is. From then on, if he wants to find out more detail, he will read on.

Secondly, Go into More Detail What Your Website is About

The advertiser after reading the first sentence will want more information about your website. My second sentence for Ask Will Online is… You will find ways to optimize your blog in a variety of topics including Making Money Online, Blogging Tips, Adsense Tips, Ways to Increase Traffic, Pay Per Click Programs + more and, of course, revision content for several different core subjects’. Now, the advertiser will know everything Ask Will Online is about and the type of content that is on there too. If you can’t think what your website is about, get hints from your tags and categories like I have. 

The beginning part of the description for your website tells the reader what’s it about. This can get you an ad zone sold if the topic the advertiser desires is on your website. However, if it isn’t, there are still ways you can get ad zones sold….

Boast. But, Not Too Much 
You will want to impress the advertiser to gain that crucial sale. Too much boasting though will make you and your website sound big headed which will put the advertiser off. Therefore, place at maximum two things that your website has which other websites won’t (make it seem unique). For me, the sentence is as follows… Ask Will Online receives 82% of its traffic from search engines. This makes sure a lot of new visitors see your advert.’ This is useful information to the advertiser as it tells them that I am open about my stats (which I am as I publish my stats every month) which makes them think I have nothing to hide: no ‘bad’ stats to hide. Take notice of my sentence structure too. I make a point and then tell the advertiser how that will benefit them. This is important as if it isn’t going to benefit the advertiser and his advert, it won’t impress him. 

Show Them the Priority You Will Give Their Advert
It is such a crucial word – priority. It is what advertisers want on a website. If they have priority, they think they are going to get more for their money (higher CTR, more conversions and more traffic). Therefore, mention in your description the priority the advertiser will gain from buying your ad zone. The most effective way to show priority is through having BuySellAds the only advertising network on your website. This means the advertiser’s advert does not have to compete with other adverts giving them more incentive to buy your ad zone. 

Following the guidance above to writing the description for your website be it on any website like BuySellAds will improve the performance. Your description is a pitch. A pitch where the advertiser weighs up whether to advertise on your site or not. The above will make sure the advertiser chooses the right decision: to advertise. The following strategy to writing a description for your website makes it difficult for the advertiser to think of a reason not to advertiser on your site…which is exactly what you want!

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