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Hi! I’m Will and I created a passive 5 figure passive income, within 5 years, through SEO and an effective blogging strategy. I share my incites exclusively on Ask Will Online.
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Is Infolinks Good For Your Blog?

Lately, I have been searching for better ways to monetize my website. I am a user of Adsense and BuySellAds. Yet, what I have discovered is a new form of advertising: in-text. In-text advertising is a form of online advertisement where the adverts are in built into text or keywords on your blog’s content. For example, a link such as to this article is an internal link. However, if used with programs such as Infolinks or Kontera, it is a form of in-text advertising where each click you get from an in-text ad will result in you earning a little bit of money. The thing I want to know is if Infolinks and in-text advertising is actually worth using and is good for your blog?

It is clear that with more people getting banned from Adsense for ‘click fraud‘, people are looking for alternative forms of advertising for their blog. Before you enter the market of in-text advertising, here is my experience of what I think of the niche and the effect it is having on your blog.

Infolinks Pays You Pennies
Whatever you think of this form of advertising, it does not payout the biggest. I decided to use Infolinks on Ask Will Online for 7 days without Adsense or any other advertising. I earned $0.75 from 18 clicks. The CPC is killing this form of advertising. The CTR is great but without the high CPC, it is pointless:

Increases Your Blog’s Bounce Rate
Although this is common with advertising as adverts are external links, due to Infolinks CTR being a lot higher than most of advertising platforms, the amount of people clicking away from your site due to in text advertising will make your blog have a high bounce rate.
Reduces Your Reader’s Trust
It makes sense. If your readers clicked on links in articles to go to another high quality article and they end up going to some random page due to advertisement they didn’t know about, they will lose the trust they have with you (which is bad!). As well as that, they will not click on any future links in articles because they think every link will be a hidden form of advertisement. This can even move people away from your blog!
As you can tell from the points above, I don’t think Infolinks is healthy for your blog. Well, no form of advertisement is healthy for your blog. However, the benefits of the advertisement being the earnings usually outweigh the negatives. This is not the case for Infolinks. There are few benefits with one being the pathetic earnings. $0.75 in one week when I could easier earn 30 times more than that with Adsense. That’s my opinion on Infolinks and in text advertising. I would be much interested to hear yours too!


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