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Adsense vs. BuySellAds vs. Infolinks vs. Ad Taily vs. Ad Dynamo

An epic advertising war. With Google Adsense and Ad Dynamo representing the best in PPC, BuySellAds and Ad Taily representing banner advertising and with Infolinks representing in-text advertising, the market for online advertising is hotting up with their being more options of online advertisement than ever. Although PPC and Adsense is still the most used form of online advertisement, it can be considered that there are other programs out there that are better suited to your website. This article will look at the market leaders of online advertising from PPC to banner advertising to in-text advertising.

Google Adsense (PPC)

Let’s start off with the almighty power of Google Adsense. Starting out in 2000, there are now millions of bloggers (and advertisers with Adwords) around the world currently using the PPC program to monetize their website. Why is this though? Here are the main reasons:
  • Adsense has the most amount of advertisers. This means that you will get a wider range of different adverts being displayed on your website.
  • It is famous for gaining high CPCs. With lots of advertisers comes increased bidding wars.
  • It’s Google: a reliable mutli-billionaire company with a great reputation on the internet.
  • The user interface is easy to use and simple to navigate.
  • Adsense can be used by the majority of countries because they offer different currencies when paying to publishers. 
  • They started PPC in 2000 and because they entered the market first they are a step in front of every other PPC program out there.
If your using Adsense, that is great news. However, don’t just think they are the best. There are other options to online advertising which I will go into below.

BuySellAds (Banner Advertising) 

If Google Adsense is leading the market in PPC, BuySellAds is leading the market in banner advertising. With BuySellAds being the most used banner advertising program having over 6,500 advertisers alone, you can’t help but think that if there is a competitor to Adsense, it has to be BuySellAds. Why is BuySellAds popular then? Here are the main reasons:
  • BuySellAds only takes 25% of revenue made from adverts (compare that to Adsense’s 32%…).
  • When adverts are sold, you can predict your cash flow alot easier. What you earned is fixed. 
  • BuySellAds supports all types of mediums being web, mobile web, RSS, tweets, apps and email. However you gain traffic, you can use BuySellAds to make money through advertisement on it.
  • It can be run alongside Google Adsense adverts making you extra money on top of Adsense if you like.
  • BuySellAds is extremely easy to set up. Once you have set up, BuySellAds marketplace will do all the trouble in getting you advertisers. 
Although some bloggers will see it as a bad thing, BuySellAds will only accept certain websites such as the ones with more than 10,000 views/month. This means that if you are accepted, you are within a group of high quality websites.
Infolinks can be considered the market leader of in-text advertising with it being created back in 2008. In-text advertising takes a different approach by linking adverts to the content itself. Web users then click on the links not thinking that it is an advert. As well as this, in-text advertising can work alongside BuySellAds and Adsense – if you wanted to crowd your website with three different advertising programs.
  • Infolinks overcome banner blindness. This is when web users automatically scan past the advert because they know it is an advert. 
  • The adverts are linked to what the web user searched for to get to your website. Therefore, the adverts displayed will always be linked to the web user.
  • The CTR for Infolinks is always incredibly high.
Infolinks has also expanded their market by introducing new products such as insearch, intag and inframe: all new advertising products that are sure to be successful on your website (especially inframe which I am very interested in trying out one day!)

Ad Taily (Banner Advertising)

Although a Polish company which may mean they are more linked to helping polish bloggers than internationally, Ad Taily offers a different approach to banner advertising than any other program on the internet. They enable advertisers to buy advertising units right on the publishers website. This means it is easier, quicker and more simple to sell adverts on your website than ever before.
  • As well as this, they will put your website on their marketplace for added exposure.
  • Ad Taily take 0% of your earnings. What you earn is what you keep!
  • Ad Taily only offers 125×125 size adverts saving you the choice of what size advert to place on our website.
  • There are no time restrictions. This means advertisers only advertise for as long as they want to encouraging them to buy your advert.
Although Ad Taily is a small company worldwide, they are definitely worth looking at. It is one of few advertising programs that attempts to turn readers into advertisers. You may find that you will make more money from your readers buying adverts than them clicking on them!

Ad Dynamo (PPC)

Ad Dynamo is attempting to be a strong competitor to Adsense in the PPC market and it looks like in time, they will be. I have wrote alot of posts on the internet on Ad Dynamo: some good, some bad. From a recent post I made on ppc.org, I got a great response form the CEO of Ad Dynamo himself, Sean Riley:

I can assure you that Ad Dynamo’s offering is getting consistently better – unfortunately it is a a reality that we may not always be competitive against AdWords in every market, especially given the head start they have on us – but we are getting there.To counter some of our challenges, we are proud to be the fastest paying ad network in the world – something that differentiates us nicely compared to AdSense for publishers.In terms of our branding, we have positioned ourselves as a lot more personable than most rivals & this may come across as too informal, but the aim is to highlight that we’re accessible & approachable – Ad Dynamo supports customers of all sizes directly. After all, how often has Google called you to thank you for your support?Thanks again.Sean Riley, CEOAd Dynamo

I think Sean’s comment sums up Ad Dynamo entirely. They have great potential and this shines through their amazing customer support they supply which is everything Google should be for Adsense.
  • They are the fastest growing PPC program out there gaining more and more advertisers and publishers.
  • Their CPC on adverts is constantly improving due to the increase bidding wars among more and more advertisers.
  • They have all the features that Adsense has.
From looking at all their advertising programs, which programs are you going to choose to use and why? I find that Infolinks sounds extremely promising with their new advertising products. If you stay updated with Ask Will Online, you may find I will start to introduce Infolinks too!


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