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Publisher Problems With BuySellAds.com

BuySellAds.com is one of if not the leading program to buy and sell advertising space on the internet. As much as there are positive aspects to banner advertising and BuySellAds.com, there are some negative ones too that make many publishers and advertisers, like me, move towards pay per click programs such as Adsense and AdWords. Here are what I feel are the problems with Buy Sell Ads.

Risk of Not-Selling 

The main problem with BuySellAds and banner advertising in general is the risk that you won’t sell your advertising space. With the likes of pay per click programs, you don’t need to sell your advertising space: you will always have adverts being displayed in the advertising space giving users the potential to click on them making you money. However, if it turns out difficult to sell your advertising space, you may find yourself without any revenue for a long time. I guess this is why it’s good that BuySellAds can run alongside Adsense.

Potential is Eliminated

With BuySellAds, the prices of the ad spots are fixed. This means that even if the advert gets a conversion rate of something stupid (let’s say 50%), you will still only get the price you sold the ad space for. With PPC, your CTR is directly proportional to revenue. From this, you need to see what type of CTR your website produces. If it is low, your website might be more suited to banner advertising than pay per click advertising.

You Have to Advertise Your Website

To sell adverts on BuySellAds, you need to portray your website as a place where advertisers want to advertise. Your description should be persuasive and show off the stats and features of your website. You need to answer the question advertisers are constantly asking, ‘Why should I spend my money and advertise on your site?‘ This all takes time, skill and is rather difficult too. Some people don’t give enough information about their site while others give too much. 
It might be worth your time to read my review of BuySellAds in general. Ultimately though, it all comes down to the amount of traffic your website gets. If it gets loads of traffic, it will be much easier to sell advertising spaces on BuySellAds making these problems not as big as for someone who has a low traffic website. It can be said that these problems are present with all banner advertising. However, with BuySellAds being the market leader, these problems will have the most impact to BuySellAds and their publishers.

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