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Google AdWords versus Microsoft adCenter

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It is understandable that site owners are feeling a little anxious when it comes to pay-per-click advertising. And why shouldn’t they be? Paying for each click makes choosing the right PPC tool very important. While trying to launch or further the reach of your SEO campaign, using tools like Google AdWords and Microsoft adCenter must have crossed your mind.  While there are vital differences between the two, both are important and efficient tools in bringing success to your SEO campaign. The most important difference between these two tools, perhaps, lies in the behavior of users. Google AdWords has already made a mark as a free tool that works well for PPC marketing. Even though Microsoft adCenter is now known as Bing Ads, the fundamentals remain the same.

Let’s look at Google AdWords and Bing Ads (previously known as Microsoft adCenter) and find out what makes them differ from each other.

Google AdWords versus Microsoft adCenter

Overall Traffic

Google still ranks the highest in generating overall traffic. There are more users worldwide who rely on Google than on Bing.  So, the immense traffic generated by Google makes your PPC campaign receive more and better visibility.There are extreme differences in the amount of traffic generated by Google and Bing. Therefore, comparing the benefits of AdWords and Bing Ads do not happen on the same scale. Even with the same amount of time and energy you put in to both tools, you are less likely to see the same results. But on a smaller scale, your PPC program on Bing Ads may throw up better ROI than on AdWords. While some may consider less traffic as a strong point in Bing’s favor, some may find it has less visibility.

Conversion Rate

Although Bing seems to have few users when compared to Google, Bing users are more engaged to the site’s content. That’s one of the reasons why Bing is able to generate higher conversion and engagement rate than Google.  Since Bing, when compared to Google, receives less traffic it may be one of the reasons for higher engagement rate.

User Friendly

By and large, AdWords is easier to use and customize than Bing Ads. Google offers many opportunities for users to customize their ads and ad placements. This feature ensures that your ad gets better exposure. AdWords is more user friendly and intuitive tool.


Google’s AdWords campaign requires a lot of financial investment. Since Google’s costs are higher than Bing’s, the success of your PPC campaign depends a lot on your quality score, keywords and landing pages.

Review Data

Bing Ads comes with an intelligent feature that helps users to use information to target certain section of audiences. Even though Bing is equipped with this intelligent target feature, it fails to provide users with detailed data about the success of their campaign. Google, on the other hand, helps users track their campaign’s success and website traffic.

Google AdWords and Bing Ads require differ approaches to effectively improve your campaign’s visibility and overall success. While you may choose either of the two tools, you will notice that, in time, optimizing different tools and techniques to create the right strategic mix is the best approach to meet your business needs.

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