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Affiliate Marketing vs Pay Per Click – Which one makes your blog the most money?

This is an interesting question as both affiliate marketing and pay per click programs can make you potentially a lot of money online.

Which one is right for a new blogger? Which one is right for a blog with good traffic? WHICH ONE SHOULD YOU USE?

Each one of these are the two most common methods of earning online. Each one has its fors and each one will have its against. First, for any rookie, here’s the definition:

Pay Per Click is a method of advertising online through a scheme where advertisers only pay if their advert was clicked. Google Adsense, Chitika, adBrite and Ad:Dynamo are all pay per click programs, making advertisers only pay when their adverts have been clicked on.

Amazon Associates is a type of
Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is when you advertise a product or service, and if a visitor ends up buying that product or service, you get a percentage of the product’s price. Best example of a affiliate marketing Amazon’s Associates.

For pay per click, I would advise bloggers with high amounts of traffic to use this as it can make you some serious money and doesn’t require any product reviews like affiliate marketing does. With a blog starting, they should give it 6 months (or as long as it takes to get good daily income of traffic) until they start showing pay per click ads as the first 6 months will hardly make you any money at all. Pay per click, if you use the right colours and place of advertising, can earn some serious bucks. I heard of one man who blogged for 2 years because he liked it. He got so much traffic he had to buy a giant computer to counter the demand for his website and apparently ‘get’s up at 11, blogs a bit, walks around in underwear till 12, has a beer then watches TV’. While doing this he’s earning $400 a day. All from pay per click..

For affiliate marketing it’s more complicated in the sense that you have to answer these questions:

  1. Do you have a great sales page?
  2. Do you sound professional?
  3. Does your product your promoting have a great purpose?
  4. Are you convincing?

If you answered all these questions with a big fat yes, well you should affiliate market. Your aim is to convince readers to buy the product, if not, you won’t make a penny. Affiliate marketing should be targeted at the smaller traffic blogs that try to promote products. 

After reading, this you will most likely know what type of way to monetize your blog. However, the best method is to just trial and improve. If you think you should use PPC programs, try out affiliate marketing as well, just to make sure you chose right. There’s no right or wrong answer to this post, as every post is different and contains different types of traffic. However, the guidelines are:
High Traffic = PPC Programs
Low Traffic = Affiliate Marketing


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