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10 Factors Which Affect Google Adsense CTR?

There are so many articles out on the internet saying ‘do this and it will lower ctr’, ‘do this and you will make money’ and so on. The chances are, it won’t do what it says. This is because people still actually don’t know what factors they need to take in before they try decreasing or improving on something. To enable this, i have listed everything that can affect your Google Adsense adverts CTR (click through rate) and why it may affect your CTR.

  • Source of Traffic – You might not realise this but those that have come from search engines are less patient and therefore may be less likely to click on adverts. Those that have come directly to your website will click on adverts more.
  • Country of traffic – Different countries will no doubt cause different CTRs. You will find countries such as America and United Kingdom to have average CTRs compared to Asia where CTR is usually highest.
  • Location of adverts – This is obvious that if you place your adverts in different areas, it will change the exposure level of your adverts causing CTR to change.
  • Colour of adverts – Again, pretty obvious. Different colours will have different affects on readers.
  • Type of adverts – The two main types are image and text. For me, I find image has the highest CTR but that is not the case for everyone.
  • Size of adverts – The bigger the better! However, some studies do show that square and rectangular adverts have more success than long thin adverts so try and go for 300X250 rather than 160X600.
  • Layout of webpage – Having a nicely laid out website will encourage readers to click on adverts while websites that are filled to the brim with information and links will decrease the chances the link being clicked is an advert.
  • Loading time – Believe it or not but loading time will affect CTR. This is because websites that have huge loading times will have a much higher bounce rate due to the reader losing patience and just clicking ‘back’ ‘bouncing’ off the web page. Having a low loading time will encourage those on the webpage to stay on it.
  • Number of adverts on a single webpage – Having more adverts will increase CTR as there is a higher chance the advert will be exposed to the reader. However, at the same time, it can discourage the reader to click on an advert if there are too many options (adverts) to click on.
  • Content – Having content which makes it easy to produce contextual adverts will definitely increase CTR. This means cluttering your posts with as many keywords as possible. 

Click through rate can be seen as the most important percentage when using Google Adsense. Having a low one will make you no money and having a big one will make you lots. That is why it’s crucial to know what actually affects CTR. Now that you know what affects it, enable your new knowledge to improve your CTR.


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