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Hi! I’m Will and I created a passive 5 figure passive income, within 5 years, through SEO and an effective blogging strategy. I share my incites exclusively on Ask Will Online.
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The 1 and Only Thing You Need for Traffic

This is a guest post by Ben Jackson

There are millions of people building websites and blogging online, trying to get traffic to their websites. Some simply blog for fun, many have their eyes set on financial gains, but both are often struggling for traffic. Regardless of your intentions, the problem for most people with an online presence is often the absence of one important ingredient. Let me know if any of these scenarios sound familiar…

  • You want to grow an email list, but you don’t have a free ebook, video course, or other product to give away.
  • You want build backlinks to your site, but you don’t have any articles to promote with.
  • You want to expand your site, but you don’t have any posts to add to it.

The missing piece is Content!

Bloggers understand this better than most, but anyone trying to get traffic, backlinks, build an email list, or expand upon their own site simply needs more quality content.

Here’s my challenge:

Next time you sit down at your computer, don’t check your website’s stats, don’t reread old posts, or do any other time consuming tasks that won’t provide you with progress. Instead, compile a list of topics to write about. Here are some ideas to help you brainstorm:

  • Visit a forum in your niche and check out what questions are currently being asked. You can find a really hot topic this way – you know people are looking for this information!
  • Create a glossary of terms in your niche. You can make this a post itself, but also expand upon each term with a more in-depth article. This can provide you with a TON of easy to write content and also make your site more accessible to newbies in your niche
  • Use Google’s keyword tool and find some low competition keywords that relate to your site. Targeting a specific keyword can help a lot to give you a direction with your writing. Also, it is motivating to know that you have a potential first page ranking on your hands, even if you are targeting a keyword receiving only 100-200 searches per month (you can bang out 2-3 posts a day like this for big potential gains in traffic)

Once you have your list compiled, come up with a short (3-4 bullet points) outline for each topic.

Okay let’s fast-forward…

So you last time you got online, you created this great list of topics that you are now excited to write about them 🙂

This time, you are once again going to ignore all those distractions (yes, I know it’s fun to check up on your stats but resist!) and start writing posts/article for each of the topics you came up with. Take it one at a time, and complete a post entirely before moving onto the next. With the correct preparation, it can be very easy to write a few 500 word posts in just one sitting. I challenge you to spend your next work session doing this, and even the next if you are motivated to.

Let’s fast-forward again…

This time you sit down to work, you have a list of well-written posts at your disposal. In other words, you have armed yourself with an arsenal of powerful promotional content. You can use these articles for any number of strategies. One can be submitted to the directories (Ezine, ArticleBase etc.) to get syndicated around the web and bring you long-term traffic and backlinks. Another could be used for a guest post on a popular blog in your niche, and yet another could simply be placed on your site for your readers. All of these things are very easy to do…once you have the actual content!

If you ever look at your blog and wonder why you don’t have as much traffic as you want, ask yourself, “when was the last time I created fresh content, and how often do I?”. Getting articles on directories and promoting with it is easy, the part that bloggers and internet marketers tend to skimp out on is the actual content itself. Why do you think so many people try to get by with PLR? Most people hate writing, but everyone hates reading PLR!

You can set yourself apart from the pack with glowing content, and you don’t need to be an expert author either, you just need to have the content! Write your articles, keep them informational and entertaining, and keep ‘em coming.

For free information on site promotion and SEO, visit www.seodiscovery.org and check out the FREE SEO course.


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