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ask will online’s Stats from Google Analytics – August 2011

Another month goes by therefore another month of stats. Bounce rate, page views, visitors and more will all be revealed for ask will online in the month of August. I’m writing this now not knowing the stats? Will they live up to July? Or will I be depressed for the whole of this month? There’s only one way to find out…

ask will online’s Stats (from Google Analytics) August 1st – September 1st
Visits – 3,418
Compared to July, this is an improvement which is always a good sign, even if it is by only 29 visits. Consistency is exactly what every blogger dreams of. These numbers are good even if they are slightly on the small side. Let’s hope the consistency carries on into next month…

As I have said in July’s Stats, if my bounce rate reached over 80% I would try to do something to decrease it. So here is what I have done:

  • Looked at what articles bring in most traffic (top ten) and litter them with internal links.
  • Changed the look of ask will online: make it look a lot cleaner so landing pages look better.

This changes were implemented half way through August so the bounce rate isn’t entirely true. any changes to a blog will always dissatisfy visitors. Therefore, after a month of settling down with the new changes, the bounce rate may look a lot better (I hope!).

Pageviews 5,218 and therefore average pageviews per visitor is 1.53
I am happy in achieving 5,000+ this month. That’s an increase of nearly 500 pageviews in one month! This is down to pageviews per visitor. Last month, it was 1.43 compared to a staggering 1.53 of this month.

Now, bare with me, I am slightly confused. If pageviews per visitor has increased, surely that would decrease the bounce rate as more people are clicking on 1+ pages therefore not bouncing from my site? What is more important to your blog? Bounce rate or pageviews per visitor? I would love to hear from you so please leave a comment at the end of this article.

Traffic Sources

Again, these stats made me smile. They are extremely similar to last months with the only changes to search engines traffic. 1% has been lost from referring and direct traffic and added onto search engines to make 81% of my traffic come from search engines like Google. This is great as the more organic the traffic, the more healthier it is for my blog!

Direct Traffic

Direct traffic on the general has not impacted my blog that much. With it only being 11% of my traffic, the stats wouldn’t significantly change my stats. However, from last month, the stats are more red than green which is not good. This is understandable as I said before that people will not be use to the new interface.

Referring Sites

Again, referring traffic is great with bounce rate super low (compared to ask will online’s average), long average times on site and a huge pageviews per visit. Therefore, from my point of view, the higher the referring sites, the better!

Search Engines

Again, organic traffic stats are on the bad side except for new visits. We will have to see if my changes to decrease the bounce rate would have effected these stats next month in September.

This month in the world of Adsense, my CTR has been an very average 0.64%. Although this is a decrease of around 30% on last months CTR, my earnings have increased due to CPC (cost per click) increasing. In July, it was £0.20 when this month it has increase by more than 100% to £0.41. Woo!

I hope this proved interesting and useful to you! Be sure to keep up to date with ask will online and my monthly articles on stats 🙂


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