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Is PPC Still An Effective Tool In Internet Marketing?

IS PPC an effective form of internet advertising? Though results are questionable, businesses invest a lot in this type of online promotion.

Until recently, Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising was seen as one of the most effective and inexpensive online promotion strategies. Surprisingly, many companies keep on using this option in today’s world of limitless online marketing opportunities.

Is PPC effective to that extent? Many people question this marketing method. Search engine optimization (SEO) is seen as a less expensive and more efficient strategy in the long-term. Should you invest in PPC and why is this form of promotion still very popular?

What is PPC?
To understand this form of promotion, you have to get to the basics of paid per click advertising. It can be accomplished both through websites and search engines.

As its name suggests, PPC is a form of advertising. The company that is trying to advertise itself will have to pay each time its ad or link gets clicked. The ad could be positioned on other websites that have relevant content.

An alternative is to carry PPC campaigns in organic search engine results. These paid messages appear on top of the traditional search engine results. Many company owners believe that the positioning of the PPC ad makes it really effective. Statistics, however, sometimes show contrary results.

Why is PPC so Popular?
PPC remains popular in today’s world because it is a traditional form of advertising. You pay and you get your message to appear in an appropriate position. It resembles TV and print advertising. As a result, it increases the comfort level of company owners.

Other forms of online advertising look more abstract. Search engine optimization and social media marketing are two such strategies. They tend to produce great results but many business owners feel uncomfortable with such innovative techniques.

These two factors combine to make PPC advertising popular, though the results are worse than the ones that other online marketing strategies can provide. Online users tend to be skeptical. They pay little attention to advertising and they tend to question all content that has been paid for.

The cost of PPC has gone up from past years due to increased competition. These facts will make many company owners wonder about the best strategy. Is SEO better than PPC? Should both strategies be used?

The truth is that SEO, PPC, corporate blogging and social media marketing are strategies that can be used to achieve differing goals. Best results will be guaranteed through a combination of these strategies. People who work exclusively in the online realm know how important it is to utilize all possible channels and platforms.

SEO is beneficial for brand recognition and establishment. The selection of the right keywords in a relatively low competition sector can produce outstanding results. If your product is similar to many others, however, you may have difficulties establishing your market positions through basic SEO.

Dedicating a small budget to PPC will give you a chance to explore the effectiveness of the campaign. Pay close attention to your conversion rates. Ultimately, the numbers will tell whether it is worthwhile to continue with this marketing channel. PPC is still a widely used source of lead generation and in conjunction with high organic rankings can also increase click through rates for e-commerce sites.

Once you know a bit more about its results, you can decide whether to continue using this type of marketing. Online promotion is all about innovation and the selection of the right channels. Give it a try but remain flexible. Something better may be available, just waiting for you to discover it.

Jamie Highland is an article writer who has written for popular sites that sell baby shower favors and wedding favors. Jamie has also run PPC campaigns for various e-commerce sites. Here is an article about the effectiveness of PPC.


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