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Hi! I’m Will and I created a passive 5 figure passive income, within 5 years, through SEO and an effective blogging strategy. I share my incites exclusively on Ask Will Online.
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How to Get Ranked Top on Google Search Results Easily

SEO (search engine optimization) with all blogs is extremely important as the better SEO a blog has, the better chances that blog/website has of being listed at the top of search engine results. This then leads an increase in traffic etc.. There are many different ways to get yourself listed at the top of search engines be it Google, Yahoo or even the new Microsoft addition Bing. However, these methods can be quite time consuming, boring and not work the majority of the time. Here is a method I have created which will increase the chances of you being at the top of search engine results dramtically!

The first thing most bloggers do is come up with an article idea. Something that you can talk about and will be interesting to the reader. This has it’s upsides but it has a lot of downsides…

The chances are that a lot of people already have thought of the article idea you are going to write about. Therefore there is a lot of competition for that article and a lot of competition on search engine results for that article to. This will make it less likely you will be at the top of Google as the ‘big gun’ websites will be above you stealing potential traffic from you….not good!

So when you are just about to think about or create an article, just ask yourself a few questions before you start:

  • Is there a lot of articles like this already on the internet? If so, give up on the idea or modify the article to make it unique on the internet. I have found the articles that get me most traffic are the articles with the smallest amount of competition on search engines.
  • Is there a demand for this article? This links with the first question. The article may not have any competition because there is no demand for the article: nobody is interested in reading it. Therefore, you must find out if people would actually want to read it.
  • Does my article title and content contain keywords relevant to what the article is about? Keywords help with listing you at the top. It is rumoured that 101K of each article goes on search engines therefore make sure your first 10 or so sentences are littered with keywords.

Articles that have little competition but high demand get more traffic because they are ranked higher on search engines. To make it more clear, I’ll give you a real life example from my website, ask will online. As you might already know, I used this website to revise for exams and therefore have a lot of revision articles on here as well. One of my exams was a Science IAA (that’s what the exam was called) and I had to do it for Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Because nobody else literally on the internet had made an article like I had, I was ranked first on Google for a good 3 months. Just look at the evidence!:

This type of article which goes through the content in the exam had huge demand but little competition. That is why I am ranked high on Google for the above keywords. That is why I get traffic and you can to!


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