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High Bounce Rate Can Benefit Your Blog

We all know on a general term that a high bounce rate is bad for your blog. It causes a decrease in about everything on your blog from traffic to pages/visits to how much money you make. However, at the same time as being bad for your blog, a high bounce rate can be good for your blog. It’s weird to think about I know, but it’s what causes the high bounce rate that counts.

Let’s start off with what bounce rate is.

Every blog has a purpose be it to sell a product or provide information. When a blog fulfils its purpose, this is called a conversion. Conversions worst nightmare is the bounce rate. The bounce rate is the percentage of people that come onto your website and straight back off like they are “bouncing” off your website.

(From ask will online’s Analysing Google Analytics)

Bounce rate is influenced on three factors:

  • Internally Linked Clicks – These are the clicks where people have reached your website and then clicked on a link which takes them to another part of your website be it the homepage or another article. For example, this link on how to decrease bounce rate is an internal link as it is linking to another page on my website.
  • Externally Linked Clicks – These are clicks which people have clicked on from your website which has taken them away from your website to another one. For example, the link at the end of this post linking to my Twitter account is an Internally Linked Click.
  • Closing of Webpage – This is not a link but simply the person on your website closing the tab your website is in. This will stop them possibly clicking on a link to contribute to the bounce rate. This can also be known as the exit rate.

Ideally, every blogger wants as many people to click on internal links as possible as the longer someone is on your blog, the better for you. External links are not as good but if they have relevance to your blog, they can work out just as good. For example, a link to an ebook of yours or the main external link…

The most successful and most used source on the internet to make money. So how does a high bounce rate benefit your blog?

The traffic you receive to your blog will click on external links more than internal links
This will cause the adverts on your page to have a higher chance of being clicked on as they are an external link causing you to earn more!

Your blogging/blog awareness will spread
If the external links are to Ebooks, Twitter/Facebook profiles then your awareness is spreading socially causing more people to know about you and your blog.

Gives you a blogging target
Like me, a high bounce rate will cause you to try and decrease it (let’s say I would rather have a low bounce rate than high as the benefits of a low bounce rate outweigh the benefits of a high bounce rate). This will keep you and your blog striving to be at your/it’s best.

I want to make perfectly clear that as a high bounce rate is still bad. However, don’t be too down hearted from it as you may find, it has it’s benefits do like everything to do with blogging has!



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