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5 Things You Must Do When Your Web Site Goes Live

Many people just don’t get many visitors to a new web site. The clearest reason for this is two-fold: You have lousy content that wouldn’t draw files or nobody knows that you have great content online at all. The second reason is more common, but I’ve seen some real dogs on the net.

When your new website opens for business, you’ve really just erected a lone billboard in a vast wasteland that doesn’t even have any roads in front of your billboard! When your site goes live, I’d urge you to quickly complete these 5 steps.

1. Notify all the major search engines of your new entry into the cyberspace race. (Yes, there is actually more than one.) Here’s free resource that will submit your new web site to the top 20 search engines – www.FreeWebSubmission.com. The search engines will come along to see your site much faster if you let them know you even exist.

2. Tell all the people you know – and I really do mean all – about your site. Your site going live is a lot like a store’s grand opening. Tell your Facebook friends, the guys in your poker game, all your friends in real life everybody you know in the online world. Make sure everyone of your new contacts know the URL of your site!

3. As part of your grand opening, submit your site to the major online directories. It’s amazing how many there are online. An online directory is a listing of sites sorted according to category. Be sure to include a submission to your site in the free Open Directory Project (www.dmoz.com).

4. List all the reasons you wanted to built a web site. What problems do you solve and who benefits from your great work. Use all those reasons to write a press release and submit it to many of the free press release sites available to you online. (just Google the phrase, “free press release sites.”) I’ve personally used this methodology alone to get a page 1 Google listing for some of my key words and phrases.

5. There are free sites that will notify a very big list of other sites about your new site or content. Perform an first-time “ping” of your site to places like http://www.pingler.com. Don’t overdo this technique, but do send out a ping when you have fresh, new content.

There are literally hundreds of ways to promote a new web site. The most important things to remember are to constantly create new content and continuously promote your content (bonus tips 6 and 7).

A new site, or any site, is a lot like a new sod lawn. If you did nothing to care for it, or nuture it, your investment would be totally lost as your new lawn died. A website also needs caring and nuturing in the form of regular new content and promotion.

If you’d like to take a look at more sales information and promotional ideas, I invite you to visit my site – http://www.salesmagicman.com.

Edgar Allen is a writer, trainer and internet marketing expert


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