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February 2013 – Ask Will Online’s Stats From Google Analytics – Reality

After a great month being January, February, for Ask Will Online, has high expectations which will hopefully bring in just as much traffic (if not more). However, after carefully looking at the traffic from last month, it is clear the huge fluctuation in traffic came from a robot crawler (which is used to gather data of articles to put on search engines). This is a bit disappointing. For this reason, I will compare February’s stats to a month that will have more accurate statistics than January: December.

Ask Will Online Stats (From Google Analytics) February 1st – March 1st

Visits – 12,334

From December, this is around a 2,000 increase which is great news. However, I am starting to realise that the visits statistic is not as important as pageviews statistic. If you can make each visitor visit an extra page (from my perspective), that is a 12,334 increase in traffic! It makes sense to prioritise pageviews over visitors although with visitors, there are no pageviews.
Again, you will see that the top page on Ask Will Online is ‘/robots.txt?m=1’. The number is much smaller than January though with January being 17,000. The bounce rate has increased back up to 80.93% which unfortunately makes sense seeing that the only real page keeping it down is the ‘robot’ page which has decreased dramatically from last month.

Pageviews 22,523 therefore average pages per visit is 1.83

Again, this has decreased due to the ‘robot’ page decreasing. However, 22,500 pageviews is not a bad number at all baring in mind Google Analytics only records traffic that do not use ad blockers. From December, there is an increase in pageviews but a larger decrease in pages/visits. Therefore, I will need to look to increase the number of pages visitors view on Ask Will Online.

Search Engine Traffic – 80.91%

At least one statistic has stayed relatively consistent and I am really glad it is the organic traffic. Most of my traffic comes from search engines. Therefore, if any changes happen to this traffic, the problems will be much worse. However, Ask Will Online has always been good with search engines with a current page rank of 2. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about.
I have noticed that my direct traffic to Ask Will Online has increased by over 1%. This makes clear that more people are bookmarking and visiting Ask Will Online directly which is always good news!


To sum up how well Ask Will Online has been making money in February:
  • January had a CTR of 0.46%.
  • February has a CTR of 0.59%.
To the untrained eye, this might not seem like a huge increase. However, from 0.46 to 0.59 is a 28% increase in the number of clicks Ask Will Online received in February! This is great news which I hope continues through to March. Again, Ask Will Online will be donating £10 to Teenage Cancer Trust and £5 to Dementia/Alzheimer Research.

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