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What Causes the Big Bang in Traffic?

A few days ago, I was checking out my stats in Blogger and noticed something slightly different. Everything seemed normal until I saw my pageviews for two days: they were crazy! I didn’t understand what had gone on. Why did I have so much traffic in them two days? What caused the surge in traffic? Why are the other days normal? Well, after hours of research I found the culprit. There are many different reasons why your blog may have a ‘big bang’ or increase in traffic.

I’ll start with what caused mine. I kind of lied, I didn’t have one big bang in traffic, I had two! One on tweetaway.net and two here on ask will online. Tweet away’s surge in traffic was caused by @TweetSmarter tweeting one of my articles to over 290,000 followers and 15,000 lists. This caused Tweet away to go crazy, I had the most retweets ever in that day and as well as @Tweetsmarter tweeting my article, I had other influential names tweeting about it to.

Therefore, the number one culprit for an surge in traffic comes from influential Twitter users tweeting your blog.

Coming onto ask will online, I’ll be honest, I still don’t exactly know what happened on them two days (see picture above for the two days of increased traffic) but I can only guess that is was either:

  • Word of mouth – one person found an article here and passed it on to others who passed it on. In this case, it was an article on Internal and External Sources of Finance (how interesting!)
  • Demand in Real Time – If you make a post about Christmas, it is clear you will get more traffic in November/December time. Maybe it was the same for me: an event was happening that caused people to search for my article.
  • BuySellAds.com – It’s interesting that the day I get approved for BuySellAds I got a sudden increase in traffic. However, the traffic didn’t come from BuySellAds but Google still?
  • Or Just a Good Day! – Sometimes, your blog will simply have good days as well as bad days and in the case of ask will online, it was having two good days – who said lightning doesn’t strike twice?

Either of the three ways, one thing is or certain that it is not lasting with stats going back to normal. Anyway, enough of me and more of you! Here are some other reasons that may cause a surge in traffic:

  • Social Bookmarking Twitter, Facebook, Linked in etc…
  • Advertising (Paid and Free)
  • Other bloggers linking to your site.
  • Luck! (if you believe in it!)

Whenever you do get a surge in traffic, take it for granted as you may find that traffic surges are out the blogger’s control. It’s a natural process which can happen to anyone’s blog: let’s just hope it happens to yours!


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