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Link Building: So Boring, Yet So Important

This is a guest post by Alex Johnson

So you’ve built a blog or website, put in lots of pages of content, concentrating each on specific keywords that you have identified. You may have set up an email sign up form; hopefully with a valuable incentive to your potential subscribers…

So what’s next?

Link building of course! I mean, it goes without saying that you are going to have to keep building content, and keep your site fresh (well I hope it does anyway). But above all else, if you want to get some good SEO results, you should all know by now that along with using tips on how to use Google posts for business, link building simply has to be done.

Building links is not exactly exciting or glamorous, and let’s face it, you would probably rather spend your time working on your actual site right? But like it not, if you want to make money blogging or whatever, link building needs to be on your to do list.

The problem with Google

Unfortunately, for the time being at least, the only possible way for Google to assess how good a site is, is to count up how many other sites have voted for it – and how reliable those sites are. It’s not a perfect system, but it’s the best we got.

So like it or not, the key to SEO will remain for now at least to be link building… It’s not all bad though, in fact, I think this is great news!

Why link building is your secret weapon

You see, most people don’t like link building, so they do the other bits, which are more fun. They make believe that if they work hard enough at those bits, they can put link building to one side a little.

The real truth of SEO is that those who can consistently, efficiently and effectively build links, day after day, week after week; whilst avoiding those silly mistakes that get you penalised; can succeed at SEO where others have fallen.


So that’s it then. It’s time to get excited, because the truth for the time being at least is that anyone can acheive fantastic rankings, if you can simply learn to get really good at building a lot of good quality links… It’s all just a question of how hard you are prepared to work.

Of course a good SEO company is another option, Good SEO consists of lots of different things, and a high quality link building strategy is one of them. So whatever you do, make sure your SEO company is building consistent, valuable links and you should be getting some great results in no time.



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