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ask will online’s Stats from Google Analytics – June 2011

Another month goes by on ask will online which means another update on stats too. This month I feel has been a little off the pace . Nevertheless, I have seem improvements from last month. If you want to check out ask will online’s stats from May click here. Here we go anyway, pageviews, bounce rate, visits, traffic and adsense all here!

ask will online’s Stats (from Google Analytics) June 1st – July 1st
Visits – 3,163
Comparing that to last months, this is a disappointing figure. I have had a drop in visits of 37%. That is a huge drop but an understandable drop as well. Some content on ask will online is revision material for students studying exams. Last month was the month all students took their exams so needed to revise. Since the exams are over, the revision material hasn’t been receiving as high a traffic as before causing the 37% in traffic. This may mean my true traffic could only be this high: well we will find out next month…

You might have to click on the image to see the numbers clearer but you can see United Kingdom followed by United States. I’m a bit disappointed that people from Pakistan haven’t been looking at my website in the last month as they had the lowest bounce rate at all of 61%. Also like last month, the countries with newest percentage of visits have the highest bounce rate…

Again, the bounce rate.

The bounce rate on average is 77.54%. Comparing that to last month which had a bounce rate of 76.24% which is an increase of just under 2%. Again, this is an area I need to improve on but at the moment, it isn’t my priority (it should be though but I have many others things I need to do first). I think when or hopefully if my bounce rate goes over 80%, that is when I have to improve and sort it out.

Pageviews: 5,283 and therefore average pageviews per visitor is 1.67
I found extremely interesting how although both pageviews and visits have changed but the pages/visits have hardly dropped (previous month was 1.68). As you can also see, pageviews have also dropped of 37% but I have already explained what may have been the cause of this.

Traffic Sources

Again you may have to click on the image to see the numbers clearer. The numbers are actually very similar again to last months so there isn’t a real need to show percentage increase or decrease except for referring sites percentage at 14.33% while last month was 10.10%: an increase of about 40%. This seems as no surprise to me due to ask will online achieving a Google Pagerank of 2 in the last few weeks. This means more sites have been linking to ask will online consequently increasing the amount of sites referring to me.

Direct Traffic

I see direct traffic as representative of my traffic with bounce rate and pages/visits similar to my overall traffic. However, it does seem that the percentages are a bit lower than the average except new visits which shows direct traffic isn’t my best traffic source.

Referring Sites

I love referring sites! The pages/visits is a whopping 2.9 and the bounce rate is 58%! However, this could be due to the low number of new visits: the people that come to my sites from referring sites such as Twitter and Facebook can be seen as my loyal subscribers.

Search Engines

Search engines is where i get the majority of my traffic be it at over 70%. That is why it is significant that the bounce rate is so high: search engine traffic has the highest amount of influence on ask will online. Therefore, making Googlers happy when they click onto my website is another area I need on improving.

So there it is, the stats of ask will online for June. Overall, it’s been fairly disappointing except for adsense where I’ve had a slight improvement where my CTR was 0.66% and is now 0.68% which is still pretty bad but life goes on..

I hope this proved interesting and useful to you! Be sure to keep up to date with ask will online and my monthly articles on stats 🙂


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