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3 Myths You Should Never Fall For About Making Money Online

There are a lot of myths and lies about ways you can make money online; as a matter of fact I can come up with more than 25 of them quite easily. But for now I will keep this article concise and to the point. Let me fill you in on the three largest myths for making money on the internet.

1. The first myth is “One product can make you a huge amount of money”. $5,000 with minimal to no work whatsoever. Think about it… would you be selling a product that makes you $5000 with minimal or no work? And if you would be kind enough would you be selling it for a mere $5 – $7?

I don’t think so and besides if this is so easy why are so many people suffering from hard times and a tough economy? Well, because it is all just a big lie to get some money out of your pocket.

2. The second myth is “This one product is All You Will Ever Need”.You see people doing it all the time; advertising their one plugin or whatever but the truth is they are giving you just one piece of a whole big puzzle.

I will do some writing later on about the process that it takes to make a large amount of money online. But for right now let me simplify it as much as this article will allow. This is called the process of conversion.

When someone is first exposed to your message you will need them to convert so that you can have a possible lead in that person. This is pretty much what you call traffic. When someone purchases something form you then they are converted into a customer.

Then you want to convert them into repeat customers and turn a one time buy into a multiple purchases over time.

One good example is Lee McIntyre, a man I have the utmost respect for. He has a training program that he markets at a price of $997 and he currently is offering it for $5, yes you read right; five dollars.

In just 30 days this man grew his business from a mere $20,000 to a whopping $100,000. I am not one to follow the hype but I can tell you that this is a great deal and I know this because my mentor is the owner of this. I am telling you this because this is what has helped me to implement the conversion process though he refers to it by another name.

3.The third myth is “It will take forever for you to make money online”.I actually read this on a blog not too long ago and I was surprised to see the amount of people who agreed with that remark.

Making money online really comes down to the business model that you are using.

To be successful and make money online you need to choose a business model and stick with it for some amount of time but after a while and after putting in work and you are seeing no change then you should be able to let go.

Think about it, if you were employed you wouldn’t continue to go to work if you weren’t getting paid so it should be the same way when you have an internet business. Even if your sales don’t take off as quickly as you had expected once you are seeing some amount of sales that is a good thing.

I have a website which tells you how you can start making money online. I put this together to help you to start making money quicker as people who are able to make money fast are more likely to stay at it.

Joe Koh is an internet business marketer. Ask Joe your internet business and marketing questions anytime at: http://askjoekoh.com/askInternetMarketing


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