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Hi! I’m Will and I created a passive 5 figure passive income, within 5 years, through SEO and an effective blogging strategy. I share my incites exclusively on Ask Will Online.
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ask will online’s Stats from Google Analytics – May 2011

As promised, I will be publishing the stats and figures for ask will online most likely on a monthly basis. This will include pageviews, visitors, where they are from, bounce rate, average time on site and more. This will give you a glimpse into ask will online which I’m sure many people will be curious about. I for one love looking into other people’s stats on other sites but it always seems like they are too embarrassed, scared or feel too exposed if they do so? The only real way I see other blogger’s success is through amount of followers on Twitter or likes they have on Facebook, but that doesn’t really show anything. So, I’m going to be different and expose ask will online right up!

I would like you to remember that ask will online was created at the end of January 2011 so it’s still only months old and to be honest, I’m very happy with the progress of ask will online! However, there are some serious areas in which I do need to improve on.

ask will online’s Stats (from Google Analytics) May 1st – June 1st
Visits – 5,008
At first, when I saw this figure, I was slightly disappointed. 5,000. It doesn’t seem much compared to other websites which claim 10s of thousands. But, you do have to take into consideration that ask will online is months old. So, I am happy with that. Now, what countries did these visits come from?

You might have to click on it so it can you see the numbers better. But, without surprise, as my website is based in England, United Kingdom is on top by a clear mile with USA leading behind. Then what shocked me was what followed after that. India? Australia? Malaysia? Hong Kong and Pakistan! It seems so surreal there’s people literally all over the world are visiting ask will online. From this data I can also see new visits which is usually quite high in the 80% area and bounce rate. 
The bounce rate.
This is what I hate the most out of all my stats. The bounce rate is so high and is on average 76.24%. Only 24 people out of 100 actually stay on my site? Well, that needs improving! But, I was even more shocked to see that Pakistan had an (compared to the average bounce rate) extremely low bounce rate of 61.36%. Therefore, I would like to have a big shout out to anyone who visits my website from Pakistan! Well done on achieving the low bounce rate. You are doing me proud!
Pageviews: 8,397 and therefore average pageviews per visitor is 1.68
I am quite pleased with over 8,000. But, I can only really see if that is good until I compare it to next months of June and July 2011.
Traffic Sources 
Again, I think you might need to click on the image again to see the numbers more clearer. I have heard that every blog wants to achieve a high percentage of ‘organic’ traffic. This is traffic that comes naturally without you influencing anything. Therefore, to have 78.99% of my traffic from search engines and 77.60% of my traffic coming from the organic source of Google, I am happy with that. This shows I must be doing SEO correctly. I was also surprised again to see over 10% comes directly which I think means people who have typed the URL in straight away on bookmarked my website. I’m happy with that too. 
Now, let’s have a look in detail at stats for different traffic sources:
Referring Sites

Referring sites seems to be the way to go for me! the pageviews per visit is 74% better than average and bounce rate is a low 54.55%! This shows that referring such as Twitter, Facebook and other sites that have linked to me are bringing me good traffic!
Organic (from Google)

Here is my let down, the bounce rate being nearly 4% over average. Well, all the stats are worst than the average except new visits which is understandable why that is so high. What I was more interested at was how people that used Bing even though it was only 22 people had a much lower bounce rate than people that used Google. Does this mean the traffic from Bing is most likely better that Google? Well, in my case it is.
Direct Traffic
Direct traffic I thought would be good as it would people that stayed connected to my site for the latest updates. That is not the case though. Yes the bounce rate is slightly lower than the average, everything else is worse though? I’m thumped. I can only think people are randomly typing in ‘askwillonline.com’ as it is slightly easy to think of and is catchy..but we will never know…
So there it is, all the stats from ask will online. I don’t think I will share my Adsense stats except one: my CTR for the month of May was a dismal 0.66%. I could probably blame that on the fact I kept changing ad positioning and colours that month but now I’m not going the move the ads at all and hopefully, the CTR for me will increase.
If I have missed out any information you would be interested in seeing, please email, tweet me or comment and i will include it in. Apart from that, here’s the dashboard for me on Google Analytics (again, you may have to open it up in a separate window to see the numbers):
I hope this proved interesting and useful to you! Be sure to keep up to date with ask will online 🙂 


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